UNWTO statistics say international tourism demand has increased by 5% over the first 9 months of 2013: no matter how hard the economic crisis is hitting the world, travelling remains one of the most popular actvity.
You may be a citizen of a South European country with a shaky economy, a citizen of the Celestial Empire or subject to the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, travel is a common phenomenon whose facets vary largely: some travel for business reasons and some others to find new business, some are in search of their lifelong experience and others are fleeing their life and… more than a few are joining their beloved ones around the world and others who are trying to join the spilt parts of their beings.

The philosophy of travel changes accordingly: some bring their natural respect for the environment on holiday with them and they go for green holidays though some others are still unaware of the impact their holidays can have on the climate, the environment and the human wellbeing.

And you? Are you a green traveller ?

Ever thought of how green are your holidays? Test your green attitude while on holiday answering to this easy quiz:


1) Travel …

a. by a fast car with air condition on

b. by train, fast and silent

c. by bicycle, low impact and open to any encounters along the road



2) The perfect holiday is …

a. a cruise featuring any possible service: pool, international restaurant, casino etc

b. in a small hidden town to discover lifelong traditions and the best local cuisine

c. a walking excursion through natural reserves, parks and open fields.

vacanza perfetta


3) Cannot leave without …

a. my towel and sun lotion

b. my ipad to take pictures and share my experiences

c. my dog, my best friend!

mai partire senza


4) Sleep …

a. in a resort on the coast: is it massively impacting on the natural environment? It’s the progress, baby and you can do nothing.

b. in a “diffused hotel” located in the different pieces of a small town: basic extra services but a real lifelong experience.

c. In a farmhouse in the countryside, or even better in a real tree house, suspended between heaven and earth. On the horizon only lavender fields!



5) For lunch …

a. hamburgers and fries, pizza and coke always and everywhere in the world as if I was home

b. local food & wine

c. bio food locally grown in a “Slow Food” center



6) I can’t stand …

a. traffic jam: when will they pen that new lane they promised long ago?

b. the low respect and the lack of vision about bikes and bikers: our cities will reduce traffic and pollution issues with an appropriate policy

c. rubbish on the beach: I usually find myself collecting it before enjoying my relax on a beach

Non sopporto


7) Never without …

a. A/C system

b. separate waste collection

c. bio food

Mai senza


Quiz Results:

A  answerslight green

Not really an eco traveller, you have not realized yet the impact your choices have on our environment. Think of it when planning your next travel! You may for once decide to go on a horseback expedition rather than crossing the great plain region on a jeep. And why not to decide to make use of public transport instead of your private car? Learn more on our holidays impact on the life of our planet

How Nature can change your life

How do cruise ships impact on the environment?

The sound track of your travels: “The Passenger” by Iggy Pop


B answers – a mild shade of green

Travel means finding out remote places for you…your perfect means of transport is the train and you know the train timetable of all the regional connections by heart. Bike has no secret for you: nothing compares to a ride through olive fields in Italy or lavender plains in the South of France.
Try out our 3 itineraries for your next “Indiana Jones” missions:

10 great destinations for car-free holidays in Italy

3 uniques places for horse sledding in Italy

Cycling along the forgotten railways, from Treviso to the Po river

The sound track of your travels: “A perfect day for travel” by Bryce Wastney


C answers – brilliant green

Congratulations: you are very close to perfection!
A real eco traveller fond of the Nature and looking for new adventures. You love to get to know the places you are going to visit and share suggestion with your friends and “social contacts” so as to spread the green philosophy around you. Here are three itineraries you can test next time you are planning a holiday and please share with us all!

Free spa? Top 5 Italy Hot Spring to visit

Walking in Italy without any map: discover the via Francigena by foot!

Italian Gost Towns: a new way of tourism?

The sound track of your travels: “Holocene” by Bon Iver


Cover photo by ungelof, via flickr

Author: Cristiana Pedrali

"Loving your job is the closest you can get to happiness on earth” (Rita Levi Montalcini) and “when real people fall down in real life they get back on their feet and carry on walking” (Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City): these are my two mantras. I’m a bit like this: I go through being serious to playful to help me manage a thousand different interests and commitments, keeping a smile through it all. I work in the tourism industry and on the web and every so often I look for some breathing space through reading and travel!
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