Valpolicella, located in the heart of the province of Verona, is a land of green hills and lush vineyards. When thinking of this picturesque valley, one cannot help but think of its renowned red wines, such as Amarone and Ripasso, but Valpolicella is not just about wine. It offers an authentic experience among charming villages, historic villas, and breathtaking landscapes. So, let’s get ready to explore everything this fascinating region has to offer and prepare for a unique stay in a truly special eco-friendly accommodation.

What to See and Do in Valpolicella

Among Vineyards and Wineries

As mentioned, Valpolicella is famous for its wines, including the renowned Amarone. A tour of the local vineyards and wineries is a must. Many wineries offer tastings and guided tours, where you can learn the secrets of wine production and savor some of the best wines of the region.

The history of Villa della Torre

This splendid Renaissance villa, located in Fumane, is a perfect example of 16th-century architecture. Its gardens and frescoed rooms offer a journey back in time. A guided tour of the villa can also include a tasting of the wines produced here.

The magic of water: Cascate di Molina

Molina Waterfalls
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The Cascate di Molina Park is an unmissable destination for nature lovers and outdoor adventurers. Located in the picturesque village of Molina, this natural park offers a network of well-marked trails winding through a breathtaking landscape of forests, spectacular waterfalls, and mysterious caves. The waterfalls, fed by natural springs, create fascinating water features, ideal for unforgettable photos.

San Giorgio di Valpolicella and its Pieve

Church of San Giorgio di Valpolicella, Italy
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San Giorgio di Valpolicella is considered one of the most charming medieval villages in the region, with its picturesque stone houses surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. Walking through the village’s narrow streets is like taking a step back in time, where time seems to have stood still, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty and tranquility of the place.

In the heart of the village is the Pieve di San Giorgio Martire, a magnificent Romanesque church dating back to the 8th century AD. This historic complex is a true architectural gem that includes, in addition to the church, an imposing bell tower, an ancient well, and a charming cloister.

Active Vacation in Valpolicella: Hiking, Trekking, and MTB

Active Vacation in Valpolicella: Hiking, Trekking, and MTB
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With its trails crossing hills and lush forests, Valpolicella is a true paradise for hikers and cyclists. From family-friendly routes to challenging treks for experts, everyone can find the perfect path, always accompanied by picturesque rural landscapes, endless vineyards, and nature waiting to be discovered.

Among the many options, there is, for example, the Percorso Verde di Bure. This accessible hike, about 9 km long, is perfect for discovering historic villas and unique landscapes, ideal for a family excursion or a relaxing walk immersed in nature.

Gastronomic Tastings: The Local Flavors of Valpolicella

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Valpolicella is renowned not only for its splendid landscapes and fine wines but also for its rich culinary tradition. While wines like Amarone and Recioto are the undisputed stars, the local specialties represent a true meeting of ancient flavors and knowledge. The cheese tradition in Valpolicella is rich and interesting. Among the local cheeses, Monte Veronese stands out. It’s a PDO cheese made from cow’s milk and available in different aging stages. Among the dishes, the most famous and delicious are definitely risotto all’Amarone, prepared with the eponymous wine that gives it a unique and enveloping flavor, pastisada de caval, a long-cooked horse meat stew with wine and spices, and bigoli (type of pasta) with duck.

A Magical and Green Stay in the Nature of Valpolicella

Where to stay in Valpolicella

So, where to stay to savor all the magic of Valpolicella, to breathe the pristine nature deeply? In a beautiful tiny house, mobile and self-sufficient! This unique accommodation, located in a quiet and panoramic position, is perfect for those of us who seek an immersive experience in nature without sacrificing comfort.

Features of the Tiny House:

  • Sustainable Design: Built with ecological materials and bio-building techniques.
  • Absolute Comfort: Equipped with all the typical services of a house.
  • Renewable Energy: Powered by renewable energy sources to reduce environmental impact.
  • Immersion in Nature: Located amidst the vineyards, it offers a spectacular view of Valpolicella.