Goodbye camping, welcome to a luxurious experience in nature! That’s how the exciting article by the renowned journalist Simona Cortopassi begins. She recently published in the weekly current affairs magazine Vero. The article sheds light on Ecobnb and this new frontier of nature-immersed vacations, known as glamping. It is a fusion of glamour and campingand without a doubt they offer a complete nature-close experience. Even though they are eco-friendly accommodations, they provide services and comfort comparable to those of large hotels.

Chocolate Village in Slovenia
Chocolate Village by the River, eco-glamping in Slovenia

In the heart of Slovenia, Ecobnb’s Chocolate Village by the river welcomes guests with panoramic treehouses overlooking the lake. As the name suggests, everything here revolves around chocolate, from delightful breakfasts to fascinating workshop sessions. Furthermore, there are tastings at the nearby chocolate factory and relaxing massages and baths in chocolate as well.

chocolate village in autumn
Chocolate Village by the River in Autumn

Undoubtedly autumn proves to be the perfect time to embrace the breathtaking colors of the foliage in the Natura Park 2000. It’s located just a short walk from the glamping site and suitable for exploration on foot, by bicycle, or by canoe along the river.

In addition, if you desire a glamping experience elsewhere, plenty of unusual and eco-friendly places areready to welcome you both in Italy and abroad. You can immerse yourself in the beauty of nature in unique and surprising ways. For example, you can book a suspended tent in the green with a view of the Caribbean Sea or opt for a treehouse on an island in Cambodia. Suppose you prefer a glamping experience closer to home, near Turin. In that case, you can stay in a Mongolian yurt with a panoramic view of the city or dive yourself into the countryside of the Maremma Tuscany by sleeping in a treehouse.

Read the full article published in Vero Magazine! It’s dedicated to Ecobnb and the wonderful world of glamping at the Chocolate Village by the River.

Author: Viktoria Szabo

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