Responsible travelers will be spoiled for choice of green hotels when they visit Israel and Jordan. Not only is there sustainable accommodation in Jordan and Israel, but it is also remarkably varied, from desert hotels to luxury accommodations, and green-conscious hostels.

Sustainable Accommodation in Israel

Kibbutz Lotan, Arava Valley, Budget-Friendly

Israel has several kibbutzim and moshavim that practice organic farming, and sustainable practices, and a number of them also have hotels. This kibbutz was established by American immigrants and practices organic farming. The architecture of the kibbutz structures is designed to blend seamlessly into the desert environment, and the construction is mainly from natural materials and recycled materials. The structures are made with beautiful local stone, and the color schemes blend into the desert landscape. The kibbutz offers several activities including the Eco-Kef Park made completely out of recycled products. There is an organic garden, a biogas system demonstration, and mud-building activities.

Eco-sustainable accommodation in the Ecological Quarter in Kibbutz Lotan in Arava Valley, Israel, photo by Avishai Teicher via Wikimedia

Cactus House Eco-B&B, Eilat, Budget-Friendly

Located in a colorful house with a garden, in one of the ancient neighborhoods of Eilat, this eco-friendly bed & breakfast is the perfect starting point to explore the beautiful Eilat Mountains, the Red Sea, Petra, and the Negev desert. The place is easily accessible by public transport and bus and in 10-20 minutes of walking you can reach the sea, the city center or the desert. The rooms and the patio are comfortably furnished with local materials and tastefully decorated. The house uses solar panels to warm the water and ecological cleaning products. For breakfast, you can taste local and organic food, such as homemade specialties cooked by Sandra, the eco-host.

Cactus Home, sustainable accommodation in Eliat

Succah in the Desert, Negev Desert, Budget-Friendly

Located near Mitzpe Ramon this is a simple, but charming Isrotel property and one of the most eco-friendly hotels in Israel. They source food products from local organic farming communities and local artists and craftspeople were employed to build the establishment’s desert huts. The guest huts are built using ecological materials. It is a natural environment and there are no surfaces dug for infrastructures. Solar energy is used for electricity, and water is recycled for agriculture.  The toilets are dry (using sawdust instead of flushing. The chef prepares bespoke vegetarian meals, and all the ingredients are fresh and responsibly grown. Here you will truly feel like one with nature. Spend time in the pool, meet the farm animals, and discover the mysteries of the desert. 

Six Senses Resort, Israel, Luxury

This is the first LEED-approved hotel in Israel certified by the  U.S. Green Building Council for its sustainable design and construction that is in harmony with the surrounding environment. Here you’ll find traditional desert hospitality in the hotel’s 60 suites and pool villas. It is a luxury hotel and the villas are inspired by the surrounding rocks and mimic the desert’s color palette. A lot of the furniture is sourced from local craftsmen. This eco-friendly Israeli hotel boasts energy-efficient lighting systems; food waste is composted for the organic garden. There is zero discharge of liquids into the environment, and used cooking oil from the kitchen is donated to make biodiesel in the community. One of the most inspiring green efforts by this establishment is that they produce and bottle their own still and sparkling water on-site to avoid plastic.

Six Senses Resort, sustainable accommodation in Israel
Six Senses Resort, sustainable accommodation in Israel

Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel, Urban Luxury

Situated on the edge of Tel Aviv’s beachfront, this luxury hotel offers all the creature comforts in addition to being environmentally conscious. The hotel is part of the brand’s Beyond Green campaign. It encompasses environmentally friendly practices as well as protecting cultural heritage and the well-being of local communities. ETIC Hotels awarded Carlton 9.3/10 for its commitment to ethical and sustainable principles. You can use this eco-friendly hotel as a base and explore the rest of the country with tours such as a Jerusalem tour package.

Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel
Carlton Tel Aviv Hotel

Sustainable Accommodation in Jordan

Jordan Ecopark, Budget-Friendly

If you are looking for budget-friendly sustainable accommodation surrounded by nature, then choose Jordan Ecopark. Located in the northern part of the Jordan Valley, Jordan EcoPark is one of the best examples of sustainable accommodation in Jordan, for preserving ecologically important habitats and nurturing the area’s ecology. Surrounded by the Mediterranean bushland ecosystem, you can enjoy rural living at its best whilst, staying in eco-buildings and tasting local organic food. The design of the EcoPark is based on permaculture principles where residents participate in the growing of food, recycling, and a community spirit of sharing. The EcoPark is a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered!

Sustainable accommodation in Jordan
Jordan Ecopark, Sustainable accommodation in Jordan

Intercontinental Amman, Urban Luxury

If you’re looking for sustainable accommodation in an urban environment and you also want luxury, then choose the Intercontinental. It scores 9.1/10 from ETIC Hotels but also offers all of the pampering you’d expect from a five-star establishment. This hotel is considered eco-friendly because of the brand’s IHG Green Engage system which monitors its impact on the environment using modern technology. The hotel has focused on reducing energy use by up to 25%, sustainable purchasing, and a reduction in single-use plastic.

Intercontinental Amman, hotel in Jordan
Intercontinental Amman, hotel in Jordan

Movenpick Nabatean Castle Hotel, Wadi Musa (Petra), Luxury

If you’re on one of the Petra tours from Tel Aviv offered by Bein Harim and trying to choose your five-star accommodation near Petra, then Movenpick is probably your best pick. It has an ETIC score of 8.3 for its efforts to reduce food waste and reduce its carbon footprint. Movenpick has also received the Greekeycertificate for leading the standard for excellence in environmental responsibility. The hotel offers spa services, as well as swimming pools, and gourmet food, all in the shadow of the incredible city of Petra.

Movenpick Nabatean Castle Hotel, Wadi Musa, Petra

Wadi Rum Quiet Village Camp, Budget-Friendly

This budget-friendly and eco-friendly accommodation takes you into the world of the Bedouin community. The accommodation is created in the traditional manner of a Bedouin desert camp with tent “cabins” for the guests. However, there are modern facilities, western-style beds, toilets, and showers. The camp is considered eco-friendly because of the natural building materials, the construction that maximizes airflow reducing the need for A/C, and the use of natural light. Rainwater is collected for reuse, the camp uses non-toxic cleaning products, and no single-use plastic exists. The camp is also involved in eco-friendly initiatives such as wildlife conservation and reforestation.

Wadi Rum Quiet Village Camp
Wadi Rum Quiet Village Camp

Feynan Ecolodge, Mid-Range

This excellent establishment has won numerous sustainability awards. It is located in the desert about 1.5 hours north of Petra and was inspired by Bedouin hospitality. It is within the Dana Biosphere Reserve. But despite being surrounded by nature this is a luxury establishment. The Feynan is considered one of the best eco-lodges in the world (according to National Geographic). They manage to achieve their high standard of sustainable accommodation thanks to a partnership with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature.  Guests stay in one of the 26 rooms surrounded by the desert landscape. The site is not connected to the electricity grid and generates its own solar power. Efficient energy appliances are used, and daily electricity use is limited to 16-18 KWh. There are fireplaces in the winter, water is sourced from a local spring,  waste is composted,  and the minimum amount of paper and plastic that is used is recycled. Instead of plastic water bottles, this lodge offers guests water in clay jars.

Cover image: Green vacation in Israel, photo via Wikimedia Commons