Crystal-clear sea, hiking and characteristic fauna… here is a taste of what awaits you at the Vendicari Nature Reserve. Follow this green guide to discover its beauty in a sustainable way

Located between Noto and Marzamemi, the Vendicari Nature Reserve is the ideal place for nature lovers. In fact, it is a true wildlife oasis covering more than 1,500 hectares. Here you can observe wonderful species of migratory birds such as flamingos, herons and storks.

Pink flamingo in Vendicari Nature Reserve
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The reserve is bordered by pristine beaches that give way to a crystal clear blue sea. Here you will find a corner of paradise amidst the silence of the sheer cliffs and the cathartic sounds of the surrounding vegetation.

beach at the Vendicari Nature Reserve
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The itineraries you can’t miss

If you are looking for sustainable routes to discover the natural beauty of the Vendicari Reserve, read on.

1. Walking from the Vendicari reserve to Lido di Noto

route in the Vendicari Natural Reserve
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The path is extremely linear and straightforward: it starts from the reserve and leads to the beautiful baroque town of Noto. It is a long route that requires patience and a strong love of nature, takes about 4 hours and is 6 km long.

During this time you will be enraptured by the wonderful natural scenery where you can admire different species of migratory birds and lose yourself among the golden beaches. The turquoise sea will be your faithful companion along the way and will bring you peace and harmony with nature.

This itinerary can be described as seasonal, it is gives its best during spring or autumn. These are the best seasons to catch picturesque images of birds in their migration period and to enjoy the mild climate that will cheer your walk.

2. An archaeological tour from Cittadella Maccari to the Tonnara of Vendicari

Tonnara of Vendicari
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You start at the southern entrance of the reserve and then fully enjoy the colours and buildings of the Byzantine ruins at Cittadella Maccari. Here you will first walk through the Byzantine Necropolis, full of stone houses and catacombs with ancient architecture like those found on the Aegean Islands in Greece.

Following among the Arabian art, you will arrive at the Trigona, a kind of chapel topped by a stunning dome that allows a glimpse of the moon through its holes.

After immersing yourself in this world of art and fantasy, it is time to continue along the coastline and enjoy the sparkle of the sun’s rays on the perpetually moving sea. You will then arrive at the Tonnara, where the remains of centuries-old stone ruins stand overlooking the sea.

This route is also for those who enjoy walking, as it takes an average of 3 hours to cover about 5 km. But if you are passionate about history, art and architecture, you will feel like time is flying by and you will arrive at your destination nostalgic for a bygone era.

3. Itinerary from beach to beach, from Eloro to Calamosche

Calamosche beach
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This route suits lovers of relax and summer days spent on the beach with their friends. You will cover 5.60 km of golden beach in a full day to enjoy every marine facet of the Vendicari Reserve to the fullest.

The itinerary begins at Eloro Beach, the most touristy of the three following beaches. We recommend you start by taking a relaxing swim in the warm, salty waters of the Ionian Sea. After indulging in this moment of personal well-being, continue on to Marianelli Beach. Here you will be amazed by the beauty of nature on this unspoilt, wild beach. It is the perfect place for meditation and for all those who love the sense of peace given by silence.

Your last stop will be Calamosche Beach, the path connecting these last two beaches is more strenuous. If you love adventure, this is perfect for you. You will have to climb a small rocky wedge and then take a beaten path. The ending will leave you breathless!

Local tastes and specialities

typical restaurant in Sicily
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After having satisfied your eyes with the wonders of nature offered by the Vendicari Nature Reserve, it is time to satisfy your palate as well. What better place to taste the typical dishes and flavours from the land and sea than the renowned Sicily?

Here you can savour traditional Sicilian dishes without worrying about environmental impacts; the oasis’ prerogative is that of bringing authentic, km 0 flavours to the table. This is the philosophy of the Restaurant Sicilia di Vendicari, which focuses on respect for raw materials and care for the environment.

Of course, do not forget to fill up on all the Syracuse specialities in the surrounding towns! The best strategy is to seek out trattorias or agritourisms where you can be sure of the origin of the food and which will make you feel most at home.

Your eco-friendly stay in Vendicari Nature Reserve

Bioagritourism Le Zagare di Vendicari
Bioagritourism Le Zagare di Vendicari

Sicily is a land of family and warm, welcoming spirits. One cannot help but think about where to stay in order to enjoy a visit to this extraordinary nature reserve and all the adjacent attractions. We therefore propose a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative.

If you want to respect this land to the fullest, Agriturismo Le Zagare is exactly what you need. Respect for the environment is the founding pillar of this accommodation facility, which has made love for its land the cornerstone philosophy of its business. Here you will be cuddled by the flavours of genuine 0 km products. Their aim is to enhance the production of the territory by recovering the link with their roots and gastronomic traditions.

The agritourism is the ideal place for those who, tired of urban noise and daily stress, want to enjoy a total immersion in nature.

Agritourism Le Zagare di Vendicari

In conclusion, the Vendicari Nature Reserve is a must-visit place. Its unspoilt nature offers wonderful itineraries during which you can come into direct contact with flora and fauna. It is the ideal destination for a sustainable holiday thanks to the wide range of local products and accommodation facilities based on an eco-friendly philosophy. Don’t miss out!

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