Let’s leave together for an unforgettable journey, between history, food and sea. We go to the discovery of Palermo and its architecture, through a bike tour and tasting of typical products, among the tastiest in the world. Palermo will give us unique emotions on a journey that is like a dive into history: the Norman monuments, Renaissance mansions, the Moorish palaces and Byzantine castles will tell us of this unique place so alive, busy and friendly.

Getting around in an eco-friendly way in Palermo

In recent years the town of Palermo has been increasingly engaged in the construction of a green town that cares for the environment. For us tourists therefore there’s many possibilities to make our trip to Palermo eco-sustainable. There are many cycle routes in the city, including a beautiful route of about 17 km, on asphalt, which will allow you to visit the historic center, passing by the most important monuments of the city. Since a month ago in Palermo there’s also 18 new ecological bus, so we don’t have excuses! Forget the car and help to make the city more and more green.

5 things to see and do in Palermo


Cathedral, Palermo, Sicily
Cathedral, photo by Antonio Cinotti via Flickr

There are no words to describe the beauty of this Church that embodies much of the history of the city, with different styles that are woven into a single monument with Byzantine, Baroque, Romanesque and Arab influence. The main facade has a beautiful porch in Catalan Gothic style, the dome is from the late Baroque and the apse is the oldest part, with beautiful Arab-Norman decorations. Inside, that was rebuilt in the nineteenth century in the neoclassical style, housing the remains of the Sicilian royalty and of Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of the city.

The popular markets

Palermo's market, Sicily
Ballarò market, photo by Stijn Nieuwendijk via Flickr

They are like open-air theaters, places where time seems to stand still. The colors and scents invite you to discover these four corners of Palermo, so picturesque and charming. The stalls, reminiscent of those of Arab bazaars, tell us about the culture and traditions of this multi-ethnic city. We suggest you to visit them all and walk through the narrow streets of Ballarò, Vucciria, Cape or Borgo Vecchio, but surely you must enter at least one to discover the soul of Palermo.

Palazzo dei Normanni

Palazzo dei Normanni
Palazzo dei Normanni, photo by Nuno Cardoso via Flickr

We face the oldest royal residence in Europe and one of the most visited monuments in the region. The majestic palace was built in the ninth century, during the Arab domination, and later transformed by the Normans in a multifunctional complex. It was then that they realized the tower-shaped buildings connected by porches and gardens. In 1132, under the reign of Roger II, the Palatine Chapel was built, a three-aisled basilica that will leave you breathless.

Enjoy an arancino around the city

What to eat in Palermo, Sicily

The rich history of Palermo is also reflected in its cuisine: couscous, fish, wonderful desserts and the bread with the spleen are some of the foods of this city. But on a trip to Palermo you can not miss a arancino taken from one of the many street vendors of the city.

Teatro Massimo

Teatro Massimo, Palermo
Teatro Massimo, photo by Stanislav Georgie via Flickr

Before leaving this beautiful city you cannot certainly forget to visit the Teatro Massimo Vittorio Emanuele, the largest theater building mythical of Italy and third in Europe. It has an austere and unique charm offering, besides the beauty unheard of neoclassical façade and its staircase, a perfect acoustics.

Where to stay in Palermo

To make your trip more green you just need to book an eco-friendly accommodation.

The Terrazza sui Normanni invites you to learn in a real and profound way the city. Giovanna will welcome you with a welcome kit consisting of a basket of seasonal fruits, 3 classic itineraries, a journey to discover what’s outside the walls, a gastronomic tour, a night tour, a tour of the hidden treasures and much more. All just a few steps from the Norman Palace!


Cover photo by tabbiska via Flickr

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