The breeze from the lake, and the olive trees under the sun: Malcesine awaits you in this enchanted setting. It’s one of the pearls of Lake Garda and the perfect destination for your next holiday of relaxation, sport, and sustainability.

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We are located on the eastern shore of Lake Garda, where the Veneto borders with Trentino. It is here that, suspended between the water of the lake and the mountain, the medieval village of Malcesine develops around the Scaliger Castle, the symbol of the Venetian town. Getting here means walking through the characteristic cobbled alleys and squares, passing through suggestive doors and archways, and discovering tiny, colorful shops, ateliers, and restaurants. The gaze flows between the picturesque views of the historic center to the rocky spur on which the Castle stands, from the small port and the beaches to the top of Mount Baldo. And this is how, in an instant, the irresistible charm of Malcesine conquers you.

Activity holiday in Malcesine

Active holiday in Malcesine (Lake Garda): trekking on Mount Baldo
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What to do and see in Malcesine? Despite the village’s small size, there are countless activities to try and monuments to admire. There really is something for all tastes!
You certainly cannot miss Scaliger Castle. Now also a renowned location for weddings, it’s the seat of the Natural History Museum of Monte Baldo and Garda. Inside there is the former gunpowder magazine, dedicated to W. Goethe. The room preserves the drawings made by the poet on the occasion of his journey in Italy. After visiting the interior, you can climb the tower: a panoramic point that leaves you breathless!
Always in the historic center, you can also visit the Palazzo dei Capitani, the seat of the Scaligeri governors and, later, the Captain of the Lake. It was built between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries on top of ancient Roman buildings.

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Just 4 kilometers from Malcesine’s center, the small village of Cassone overlooks the lake, in a truly picturesque atmosphere. But what makes Malcesine even more unique and special is the nature that surrounds it and which offers endless possibilities for outdoor experiences. A must for all travelers who pass through here is the cable car. In a few minutes, you will reach the 1800 meters of Monte Baldo, aboard rotating cabins that offer a 360-degree panorama. You can carry your bike with you, then go downhill, and follow the various high-altitude itineraries. Otherwise, you can venture into the various walking paths to discover the mountain. Mountain biking, trekking, but also water sports, and paragliding. What will you choose?

A resort surrounded by greenery

Eco-friendly resort in Malcesine

There is one accommodation that fits perfectly into the atmosphere and nature of Malcesine. It is Elle Ecoholiday, a refuge where you can feel safe, switch off and enjoy a reserved and environmentally conscious holiday. Wood, stone, and natural fibers are the elements that the hosts chose to create each space of the facility, powered by solar energy.

The rooms are furnished and fully equipped to ensure maximum comfort and minimum environmental impact. The swimming pool is in the middle of the luxuriant garden and the beautiful centuriesold olive grove, perfect for a moment of peace and relaxation under the sun’s rays. Spending your holiday at Elle Ecoholiday you can also start the day with an excellent “à la carte” breakfast which includes organic and local products.

Experience the beauty of Malcesine and rediscover contact with nature and relaxation at Elle Ecoholiday!