College and university students often find it hard to stay eco-friendly. Having tons of assignments makes it hard to stay green in every way. It’s always easier to choose less eco-friendly and less time-consuming options. However, if being busy is not the case or if you have an essay writer online willing to help you handle your academic burden, it’s time you thought about your footprint and took on some initiatives to be eco-friendlier.

Learn More About Recycling

Recycling really works if you do it right. Just learn a few rules about managing your waste, and you’ll make the planet greener. Moreover, it’s useful not only for the environment. You can actually earn on recycling if you do it right.

Buy Used Books

buy used books
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You don’t have to buy new books all the time. Actually, it’s even advised not to do it. Inquire about books on sale. It will help you save money while also bringing some environmental benefits. After all, buying used books can save some trees from being cut. At the same time, there is literally no difference between newly purchased and used books regarding content value.

Be Selective

Another way to become greener and eco-friendlier is to reduce the number of supplies you purchase. This helps you save your money while cutting global production and decreasing waste. In other words, becoming more selective about your needs is definitely better for the environment.

Live Close

Student by bicycle
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If you have the benefit of choosing where to live, choose to settle closer to your educational institution or even on-campus. First, you’ll have a few more minutes of sleep every morning. Secondly, you will decrease the environmental input significantly if you choose a bike over a car, for example. Needless to say, walking on foot is healthy for both you and nature.

Avoid Plastic

It is hard since everything is now being packaged in plastic, but you can at least try. Avoid single-use items. You can have a reusable cup, bottle, or whatever it is that you need. At the same time, try to avoid packages that cannot be reused. In cases where you don’t get to choose, you should at least recycle the plastic packaging.

Buy Secondhand Clothes

Buy Secondhand Clothes
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This is another healthy choice. Instead of chasing every single fashion trend, try to be humble in your choices. You don’t have to wear everything brand new to feel comfortable. Remember that secondhand shopping is healthier for the environment and also saves lots of your money.

Unplug Your Appliances

If you don’t use your appliances, unplug them from a power source. They keep sucking power even when they are not in use. This refers to laptops, mobile phones, and other gadgets. This attitude not only cuts down wasted electricity but also saves your dollars.

Avoid Water Waste

 conserve water
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You should make an effort to conserve water by all means. First, turn the water off when you don’t use it. This includes the time you are brushing your teeth, for example. Also, you should check all faucets for drips. Water is scarce in some countries, so make sure you value this resource.

Donate Your Stuff

If there is anything that you don’t use, don’t hoard it. Free some space by simply donating stuff you don’t need. There must be someone who desperately needs things you are simply storing. At the same time, if you need anything but don’t want to overspend on it, you can easily find it online.

Use Less Paper

Use less paper
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As a student, you need to print something from time to time. However, you may cut down the use of paper. Don’t print your homework or essays unless you are specifically required to do so. Also, you may decrease the use of paper while cooking by using a dishcloth instead of wiping everything up with a paper towel.

Shop Smart

When buying something, make sure you do it smartly. First of all, buy only those things that you definitely need. Secondly, think of the impact it has on the environment. Of course, locally produced goods should prevail in your cart. Just think of the ecological damage long-haul shipping causes. You cannot fix the problem globally, but you can make your contribution.


We encourage you to act eco-smart and do it by all means. Students – and youth in general – are the ones who can really make a difference and save our planet. You may not believe it, but a small effort from everyone every day makes a huge contribution to preserving the environment. Make it your habit, and it will shortly become your lifestyle.

Cover image: Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash