An article published by I-news, a British magazine, analyses the impact of Airbnb on the environment and recommends alternatives, like Ecobnb.

Airbnb has revolutionized the holiday experience over the past 15 years but has had negative impacts. For example, it has favoured the gentrification of neighbourhoods and the increase of rental prices for locals.

The article, signed by journalist Laura Martin, recommends some alternative and environmentally friendly companies. This alternatives can decrease the negative impacts generated by Airbnb activity.

Ecobnb, home
Ecobnb, home

Among the several considered there is Ecobnb. This is a leading European platform that enables the matching of supply and demand for sustainable tourism. Ecobnb therefore allows responsible travellers to find eco-friendly accommodation and facilities.

It is a project created in 2014 to change the way of travelling and to spread the culture of sustainable and responsible tourism. A tourism that respects the environment, the economy and local communities. Ecobnb therefore proposes responsible tourism with a low environmental impact.

how much co2 water and trees you save with ecobnb

People who choose to travel with Ecobnb have a profound and concrete impact on the world. Travelling with Ecobnb pemits you to save water, reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Torre Doganiera
Torre Doganiera

In the article, I-news recommends some of the accommodations on the Ecobnb platform.

In fact, I-news recommends a stay in an organic agrotourism among the olive trees of the Torre Doganiera in Siena (€98 a night), or a catamaran on the French Riviera (€100 a night).

For further information read the full article in English on I-News at this link