On the border with Africa, in southern Spain, among desert, sea, and unspoiled nature, there is a little green jewel: Almeria.

The city is located on a promontory inside a large bay. It rises in all its magnificence above the waters of the Mediterranean, surrounded by hills, where you can feel elegance, culture, and oriental flavors.

It is a mix of ancient and modern, with mountain landscapes, nature reserves, stunning beaches, great parks, history, and architecture. So if you are looking for a trip outside the tourist routes in the name of beauty, fun, and respect for nature, Almeria will charm you!

Let’s discover together its main attractions, for a sustainable and surprising holiday.

Natural Park Cabo de Gata-Nijar

Photo by Pedro Retamar via Flickr

It is a protected area that covers 800 square kilometers, protected and well conserved, located in the Province of Almeria. One of the few volcanic parks in the Mediterranean, with impressive geology for which it has received the Geopark distinction.

Known for its flora and fauna, with more than 1,000 animal and vegetal species, the Cabo de Gata Park contains a true desert and some of the most fascinating beaches in Europe.

Beautiful virgin coves that overlook the crystal-clear sea, such as the spiaggia de los Genoveses, the Spiaggia de Los Muertos, the Spiaggia de Mónsul or the Playazo de Rodalquilar.

You can also enjoy the view of the Cabo de Gata lighthouse, the Vigía Vela Blanca tower, or that of Los Lobos.

And then you find the Tabernas desert, an extended, arid landscape with rocky mountains and plains full of cactus, unique scenery, and set of many successful films.

The park is the ideal place for diving, nautical activities, water sports, and many excursions of differing difficulty.

The best beaches in Almeria

walkway to the beach in Almeria
Photo via Wikimedia

The coasts of Almeria provide enchanting shorelines almost untouched by a human presence that are perfect for relaxing swims, snorkeling, kayak,ing or windsurfing.

In addition to the previously mentioned beaches of Los Genoveses or de Monsul, are unmissable:

  • Las Salinas
  • Isleta de Moro
  • San Miguel
  • Cala Raja

Thin and golden sand or coarser, stones, rocks or coves, equipped areas or wilder ones. The choice is extensive but with the common denominator of the crystal-clear sea.

Sorbas Caverns

stalactites of sorbas caverns
Photo via WIkimedia

They are located in the Karst Natural Park in the Sorbas Chalks. An underground world with a network of galleries characterized by stalactites, stalagmites, and chalk crystals.

Almeria: inside art and history

Photo by ddzphoto via Pixabay

Almeria is an ancient and rich city of Arab origin. Surely the exploration of the city center is a mystical experience that allows you to know its beauty. A combination of cultures is tangible in its monuments.

The Muslim domination, that lasted decades, can be observed in the Alcabaza fortress. An enormous Moorish fortification, reached by a walk along narrow streets and colorful houses. From the fortress, you can enjoy a splendid 360-degree view of the city. While from below you can access the picturesque Jardines del Agua, which is also featured in some scenes of the TV series Game of Thrones.

On the next hill, there is the Castle of San Cristobal, where you can admire the city port, one of the most important in Andalusia.

Of Christian origin is the Cathedral, which looks like a fortress. Gothic architecture with a Renaissance facade.

Then there are the churches of San Juan or Santiago el Viejo, examples of the transformation of mosques into churches or Christian holy places after the expulsion of the Arabs.

It is worth a visit to the picturesque Barrio de la Chana, among colorful houses carved into the rocks.


Photo via Wikimedia

Nature and fun, a combination that you can easily find in Almeria, for example in the parks.

The Natural Park Sierra María-Los Vélez, in the north of the province, with its rocky cliffs, extensive flora and fauna and diverse landscape. Where you will encounter the caves of La Gitana, Sima de Los Rincones and magnificent springs such as Los Molinos, in Velez Blanco.

Then there is the Park Natural Punta Entinas, located to the southwest of Roquetas del Mar. This is a 15-kilometer strip of protected coastline with dunes and beaches, freshwater lakes, and saline. These include the abandoned Cerrillos-Salinas Viejas, where there are around 150 species of birds.

The water parks of Roquetas de Mar and Vera Playa refresh yourself from the sun. Or the theme park of Fort Bravo and Western Leone, in the so-called Mini Hollywood, for film lovers.

And then there is the Sierra Nevada National Park with exceptional panoramic views, known all over Europe.

The province of Almeria also has 7 mountain ranges with beautiful wildlife and the beautiful Almanazora Valley with extensive olive groves, orchards, and characteristic Spanish villages, ideal for rural tourism.

Magical landscapes, unspoiled nature, and heat, both in the climate and in the people. A fun, cultural, and environmentally friendly holiday: are you ready for an unforgettable trip? Almeria is waiting for you!