There is a magical place hidden in the mountains of India where you can connect not only with yourself but also with Mother Nature. It’s Heal Farm.


It is enough to cross the entrance to feel enveloped by sensations of freedom and peace never experienced before, as they tell those who have already had the good fortune to live an experience in this unique place, born from the love and desire of Priyanka and Adnan to share the their eco-sustainable and alternative lifestyle with travelers from all over the world. The hosts of this incredible farm invite you to spend meditation and yoga stays, real healing retreats surrounded by nature.

The farm spaces

Healing retreats in India

We are immersed in a beautiful forest, in the Himalayas, in the federal state of Uttarakhand. A few steps from us the Sattal lake, all around pristine nature that invites us to discover every corner, and then remain speechless in front of its beauty. The farmhouse has 3 living spaces, a dining and kitchen area, a music/meditation room and a workshop. They built all the spaces with local materials in full respect of the environment; few barriers between internal and external spaces. The five acres of the farm are cultivated according to the principles of permaculture and, if you wish, you can participate in agricultural activities. Vegetarian meals are carefully prepared using locally sourced ingredients including fruit, dairy, eggs and honey.
The farm is free from alcohol, tobacco, caffeinated beverages, and other mind-altering substances.

Heal Farm activities, between yoga and healing retreats

yoga and healing retreats in India

There are different formulas for staying at Heal Farm, all characterized by slow rhythms and endless possibilities to relax. You can choose to go to the Indian farm and work as a volunteer. You can contribute to the regeneration of a biodiverse ecosystem and a self-sustaining forest system, using permaculture practices. During the day you can also dedicate yourself to yoga and rest; you can dive into the lake or walk, feeling at one with nature.
You can also choose to participate in a healing retreat during which you will experience the power of sound and vibrations through sessions that will allow you to rebalance your energy. Finally, you can participate in the daily workshops to get an idea of ​​what this fascinating place has to offer.

It is not easy to describe Heal Farm, so you just have to book your healing retreat.