The dream of Hans and Lisbeth, a Dutch couple in love with this corner of unspoiled nature, began in the Romagna hills. Casa Calénc is located in Cossure, a small hamlet of Sogliano al Rubicone which is 40 kilometers from Rimini. From here, you can admire the hills of the Marche Apennines and Tuscany. This and the proximity to the Adriatic Sea make Casa Calénc a perfect destination for a holiday dedicated to relaxation and the discovery of the beauties of Romagna.

Casa Calénc seen from the outside and surrounding panorama

When we talk about Casa Calénc, we refer to a 16th century building renovated following the criteria of green building. It consists of two apartments, each of which has kept its own street number. For this reason, guests can choose between apartment number 137 and 138.

Apartment Casa Calénc 137

This apartment is spacious and perfect for two people. It has a sun terrace near the swimming pool overlooking the hills. Inside, you will find a kitchen that has all the utensils you need. To create a more welcoming atmosphere, a small fireplace which completes the living area on the ground floor. Through an open staircase you will have access to the bedroom and the Italian bathroom.

The authentic elements were carried over after the refurbishment. First, the bathroom walls and the kitchen countertop are tiled with grit, the old-fashioned speckled floor tiles. In addition, the seating area has original stacked stone walls. And finally, you will appreciate the hand-shaped tiles on the floors.

Rooms apartment Casa Calénc 137

Apartment Casa Calénc 138

Its ancient entrance door overlooks the village. This 40m2 apartement can host 2-4 people depending on the needs. It also has a poolside sun terrace from which you can have breakfast overlooking the hills and valleys.

The ground floor houses an open kitchen with a dining table, a seating area and a toilet. While, on the first floor you will find a fully equipped bathroom, a hallway with a reading corner and a bedroom with two single beds to be used individually or as a double bed. The two floors are connected by a lift, which is essential for people with reduced mobility.

Rooms apartment Casa Calénc 138

Again, the owners wanted to keep some authentic elements. For example, the worn hand-shaped tiles on the first floor and the ceilings sitting on centuries-old beams. Wall pieces of stacked original stones enrich the welcoming holiday atmosphere.

Swimming pool with a view

Another gem of this building is the garden in which a splendid swimming pool has been installed. Enjoy an afternoon from here with a view of Mount Perticara and the gullies of the Apennines from which the name of this B&B derives. Calénc in fact stands for calanco which means gully in Romagnol.

Casa Calénc swimming pool

Sustainability: the starting point of this dream

The owners have always had sustainability close to their heart. For this reason, it has also become a cornerstone of the business they have been conducting for years. Indeed, the building complies with the 10 sustainability criteria also promoted by Ecobnb. They include:

  • offer of 0km organic food
  • use of ecological cleaning products
  • separate waste collection over 80%
  • water recovery and reuse and use of water flow reducers
  • solar panels for hot water

In addition, the couple decided to install a Tesla-branded storage system to make their home energy autonomous.

Powerwall 2: how technology helps sustainability

The high ecological efficiency of Casa Calénc is due to a storage system created by Tesla called Powerwall 2. It is a rechargeable battery capable of storing the energy produced by photovoltaic panels and was installed in the home in 2017. This system is particularly efficient if you have a contract with a two-hour electricity tariff. This is because Tesla Powerwall 2 absorbs electricity from the grid in the most convenient time slot and makes it available in the most expensive one.

Storage system Tesla Powerwall 2

Small precautions such as the installation of photovoltaic panels and the adoption of this electricity storage system not only prevent the risk of blackouts of the national electricity grid in periods of extreme heat, but will also produce value over time. The environment itself will benefit from these healthy choices.


Here is a brief presentation of Hans and Lisbeth’s B&B.

Book your stay in this corner of paradise now. Casa Calénc is waiting for you!

Author: Sara Andreotti

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