The National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia is made up of the islands Cíes, Ons, Sálvora, and Cortegada. This incredible natural environment has been declared a Maritime and Terrestrial Natural Park and a Special Protection Area for birds. Furthermore, it has the certificate of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas of EUROPARC.

Each of the islands has great marine biodiversity, exclusive flora and fauna, and geological forms characteristic of the place. There are several protected areas where passage is prohibited, such as the seagull and cormorant area.

Gabbiani of Atlantic Islands on Galizia
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In order to preserve the environment and promote biodiversity, the activities offered such as diving, sailing, and snorkeling must be carried out in a sustainable way. In addition, other activities are carried out such as hiking or observing the vegetation where you can enjoy the environment.

The Atlantic Islands, increasingly frequented by tourists, are one of the most sustainable destinations in Spain. In addition, the Xunta de Galicia together with the Port Authority of Vigo and the National Park, want to implement the Tutatis nZE plan with the aim of making the Cíes and Ons islands self-sufficient in the future through renewable energy.

In the Atlantic Islands, you can see a reflection of the historical past of each of the cultures that have passed through these places. For this reason, there are archaeological remains that highlight the remains of the Cíes Islands belonging to the most ancient periods such as the Paleolithic and Neolithic. Among the remains are those of the settlement of “As Hortas” or the monastery of San Estevo.

The most beautiful itineraries of the Park of the Atlantic Islands

Park of Atlantic Islands
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Let’s start to discover the most beautiful routes that you can follow in the islands of Ons and Cíes, among the easiest to reach thanks to the regular transport offered for both.

1. Routes not to be missed on the island of Ons:

Island of Ons, Atlantic Islands
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The island of Ons is the only currently inhabited island of the Atlantic Islands National Park. The most beautiful itineraries to discover this island on foot are:

  1. Southern itinerary: circular itinerary of about 6.5 km, which can be covered in two hours, passing by various beaches, panoramic points (such as Belvedere Fedorentos) and inlets
  2. Northern Itinerary: 8 km circular route, to be covered in about 3 hours, which passes by the beach of Melide, Punta Centolo, Punta Liñeiros, and the Ons Lighthouse.
  3. Lighthouse Route: very easy 4-kilometer loop route, which can be covered in just over an hour, reaching the Ons lighthouse.
  4. Do Castelo itinerary: short itinerary of 1 km, to be covered on foot in about half an hour, to enjoy the beautiful panorama from the lookout point of the Castle

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2. Itineraries in the Cíes Islands:

island of cies, Atlantic Islands
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  1. Monte Faro itinerary: a beautiful 7 km itinerary, which can be covered in 2 and a half hours, which passes by the beach of Nosa Señora, the bird observatory and the Monte Faro viewpoint.
  2. Faro da Porta itinerary: 5 km route, to be covered in just over an hour
  3. Alto do Príncipe Route: short 3km route through the dune system, lasting 1 hour
  4. Monteagudo itinerary: 5.5 km itinerary, lasting about two hours, through the beach of Figueiras and the bird observatory.

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Useful tips

Atlantic Islands
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If you want to organize a vacation in the Atlantic islands, consider these aspects:

  • The Cíes and Ons islands are open to tourists only during Easter, on weekends in May and in summer.
  • To visit the islands, it is necessary to request authorization from the Natural Park.
  • Vehicles cannot circulate on the islands.
  • Each person must take responsibility for the containers or waste they are carrying and bring them back, as there are no bins on the islands.
  • There is no regular transport to go from one island to another. However, it is possible to rent a boat that offers transportation and a guided tour of all the islands. Some of these boats, authorized by the natural park, make trips throughout the year.

Did you know the Atlantic Islands? Dive into adventure and visit this natural paradise!