Here we are, finally talking again about weddings! There are many couples who dream of getting married in the company of friends and relatives, when everything will be over and safe, and the trend is confirmed to be one: eco-friendly wedding. In fact, more and more people are aware and want to live a life in harmony with nature, even on the most special days. But how do you plan an eco-friendly wedding? We have collected the best ideas to help you with preparations.

You can customize your green wedding in a thousand different ways, choosing particular themes, locations on the beach or in the mountains, but always doing everything possible to reduce the impact of the party.

Let’s start with the preparations for your eco-friendly wedding!

Plan you eco-friendly wedding
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The date is chosen, you have to start planning your special day from the basics.

  • Get help from technology: to plan a wedding you have to think of a thousand things. Forget papers and prints and take advantage of the many web tools to produce less waste.
  • Choose a green location: celebrate this special day in one of these suggestive eco-sustainable accommodations surrounded by nature in Italy or in some other green accommodation.
  • The same location for ceremony and reception: cut travel and related emissions by celebrating the entire wedding in one place.

Eco-friendly wedding clothes

Eco-friendly wedding clothes
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Ok, the location is booked. Now you have to think about the look!

  • Natural fabric clothes: linen, organic cotton and hemp are just some of the eco-sustainable materials that can be used for his and her clothes.
  • Clothes you can reuse: Buying a wedding or groom dress that you will no longer use is a real waste of resources.
  • Rings in recycled gold: even rings pollute, which is why it is essential to choose a sustainable and eco-friendly wedding ring.
  • Ethical diamonds and stones: when buying jewels, it is important not only to verify the respect for the environment, but also for human rights.
  • Handcrafted accessories: accessories are a must, but choose them handmade with natural and/or recycled materials.
  • Vintage clothes: You can hunt for clothes and accessories in vintage stores or in your family’s closets.
  • Sustainable cosmetics: now there are more and more vegan, cruelty-free and natural cosmetics!

Setting and reception

Green reception
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The reception is definitely the highlight of your eco-friendly wedding. Here are some ideas for decorating and for choosing a menu in full respect of the environment.

  • Wildflowers and potted plants: Avoid flowers from faraway places and prefer potted plants. In fact, fresh flowers risk ending up directly in the trash after the wedding.
  • Bouquet with seasonal flowers: take advantage of the natural blooms of each season.
  • Decorations with recycled paper: for the decorations of the location and tables, use natural, recycled and recyclable materials.
  • Menu with local and organic products: offer your guests local specialties made with organic ingredients, also limiting the use of meat.
  • Don’t overdo the portions: you don’t need plenty to eat well!
  • Disposal plan: think of solutions to limit food waste. You could take leftovers home or donate al the unused food.
  • Organic beverages: we often forget, but alcohol can and must be green too. Choose craft beers, homemade spirits and organic wines!

Invitations and wedding favors

wedding favors
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There is no wedding party without friends and family: the time has come to think about invitations and a little present to thank your guests.

  • Invitations with recycled paper: if you decide to use paper invitations, choose a certified and recycled material.
  • Digital invitations: even better, however, to completely give up on paper, and send beautiful and personalized evites.
  • Sustainable favors: the classic favors are now out of fashion and certainly not very respectful of the environment. Seeds to plant, gift card for green travel.
  • Intimate wedding: the more people you invite, the bigger the footprint of your eco-friendly wedding.
  • Online RSVP: collect the answers of your guests online, perhaps creating a website dedicated to your eco-sustainable wedding
  • Organize your guests’ transfers: you can book a bus to reduce the impact of your guests’ travel.
  • Green wedding list: create an eco-friendly wedding list, perhaps by contacting small local artisan shops.
  • Wedding list for a trip: alternatively, you can ask your guests to contribute to your honeymoon by giving you Ecobnb Gift Cards.

The day of your eco-sustainable wedding has arrived!

your eco-sustainable wedding
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It is finally here. After months of planning, you just have to live these unforgettable moments, paying attention to small details.

  • Even photos can be sustainable: with social media, smartphones and digital cameras, it is easier to limit the use of paper to print your photos. Choose the most beautiful ones and select eco-friendly materials, such as cardboard panels.
  • Rice Throwing alternatives: why waste rice when you can throw beautiful and harmless rose petals?
  • Outdoor banquet is more beautiful and sustainable: by choosing to celebrate outdoors you can reduce the use of electricity. And also, it’s much more magical!

And after your eco-friendly wedding?

Go green
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Even after the party you can continue to be sustainable.

  • Plant a tree: celebrate your eco-friendly wedding with a gesture of hope.
  • Take a green honeymoon: focus on sustainable tourism and book a stay in an eco-sustainable accommodation.
  • Eco-friendly overnight stays for guests: if there are guests who come from out-of-town, you can book a stay for them in a green hotel.
  • Donate your dress: You can choose to donate your dress to a charity to help less fortunate spouses.
  • Donate leftover food: Make a gesture of solidarity by donating excess food.
  • Offset CO2 emissions: you managed to plan an eco-friendly wedding, but it is almost impossible to have a zero impact event. But there is a solution! You can offset your emissions through reforestation projects, for example.
  • A life as a couple that is always green: your eco-friendly wedding is only the beginning of an eco-sustainable life!