Homemade flavoured waters are perfect during hot days and to reduce the use of plastic. Find out how to prepare them with 10 easy recipes.

As summer approaches, in supermarkets, you can find a lot of colourful and appealing bottles containing refreshing and tasty beverages, which are ideal to savour during hot days. However, these drinks are not good for the environment nor for our health. Instead, you can prepare delicious flavoured waters by yourself.

Damages for the environment…

The bottles containing the beverages are made of plastic, which is sadly known for being a highly polluting and harmful material. People leave too often plastic bottles in the environment and they take centuries to decompose. Italy is one of the main users of plastic bottles. It has been calculated that 13 billion of them are used each year.

Plastic bottles
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The worst part is that just a few of these bottles are correctly recycled. Most of them travel through rivers and reach the sea, as we can notice by walking on the beach during summer. Marine flora and fauna are seriously damaged and fragile natural equilibriums are hopelessly compromised.

Plastic bottles on a beach
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… and for our health

In addition to this, plastic bottles are also dangerous for our health. In fact, according to several studies, when plastic is exposed to heath, it releases in water toxic substances and microplastics. This occurs in particular when plastic bottles are transported for kilometres and kilometres to reach supermarkets and consequently our houses.

Another reason why we should avoid these beverages is that they contain preservatives, added sugars and colourants. In the long run, they could be harmful to our health.

Plastic bottles containing sugar beverages
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The solution to this problem is easier than you think. In fact, it is enough to prepare homemade flavoured waters. You can use seasonable products that you can also find in your garden. In this way, you can get homemade beverages suitable for children and grownups!

1. Watermelon flavoured water

Can you imagine a summer without watermelon? Place in a bottle filled with water some watermelon slices, mint leaves and lime juice. Leave it in the fridge for a night. If you prefer, you can use basil instead of mint.

Watermelon flavoured water
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2. Peaches flavoured water

For a refreshing beverage, add to a bottle filled with water some peach slices, some blackberries and thyme.

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3. Cucumber and ginger flavoured water

If you always like tasting new flavours, you should definitely try this recipe. After peeling the ginger, cut the cucumber into slices. Then add them to a bottle filled with water. Add some lemon juice, some mint leaves and rosemary.

Cucumber flavoured water
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4. Wild berries flavoured water

To get a colourful beverage, try this recipe. Add to a bottle filled with water some blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and some mint and rosemary leaves.

Wild berries flavoured water
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5. Elderflowers flavoured water

If you want to get a beverage with a particular flavour, add to a bottle filled with water some elderflowers and some lemon slices.

Elderflowers flavoured water
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6. Pineapple flavoured water

Have you also heard that pineapple is ideal to keep fit? Don’t miss the chance to prepare flavoured water using this fruit! Put in a bottle filled with water some pineapple slices and rosemary.

Pineapple flavoured water
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7. Apple and cinnamon flavoured water

Are you an apple pie lover? Try this recipe! Put in some water some apple slices and cinnamon.

Apple flavoured water
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8. Melon flavoured water

Melon is another popular summer fruit and you can use it to prepare a tasty drink. Add to a bottle filled with water a melon slice, some apple slices and mint leaves.

Melon flavoured water
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9. Grapefruit and rosemary flavoured water

Add to a bottle filled with water some grapefruit slices and rosemary.

Grapefruit flavoured water
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10. Fruity tea

Are you tired of your usual cup of tea? Make your favourite tea and add some fresh fruit. You can enjoy this beverage both hot and cold.

Fruity tea
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Have you noticed that preparing homemade beverages is very easy? You can also try new recipes by using other ingredients or trying new combinations. During hot days you can enjoy a refreshing and tasty drink while respecting the environment!

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Author: Alessia Sforza

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