More and more people pursue green living to benefit the environment. They lead an eco-friendly lifestyle to save nature and take care of future generations. Environmentally responsible individuals pay much attention to the apartment they rent, preferring eco-friendly accommodation. Apart from helping the planet, they also enjoy the personal advantages of this way of living. Some of them are listed below, so keep reading!

  • High efficiency: eco-friendly apartments use energy-efficient lighting and household solutions, which help to reduce energy consumption and cut bills.
  • Better air quality: green apartments are built using non-toxic materials and equipped with good ventilation systems, which enables improved air filtration and makes the air less susceptible to mold and dust accumulation.
  • Convenient location: eco-conscious constructors typically locate their building near frequently used and well-connected stops, stores, post offices, and other businesses, which enables walkable access to public areas.
  • Improved life quality: green apartments that ensure fresh air and soft water can improve health and overall well-being, which results in enhanced quality of life.

Essay examples for students

Sustainable living is one of the most commonly discussed topics at schools and colleges. Students are taught the basics of an eco-friendly lifestyle from an early age, so they can develop more responsibility. Hence, one of the most popular types of writing assignments given to them is an essay on environmental issues. While reading some paper samples at Writingbros, students learn a lot about different ways to save the planet from air pollution and water contamination. But apart from that, there is also some valuable information about the importance of eco-accommodation for successful homeschooling.

If you also want to know how to choose a good eco-friendly flat to study at home, consider the information given below.

1. Check the lighting

light eco-apartment
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One of the most important aspects of the right study space is proper lighting. While choosing a green apartment, look at the kind of lighting you are going to use. Note that studying in a poorly lit or dim space can damage your eyesight and make you ineffective. Healthcare experts say that reading or writing in the dark can strain your eyes and disrupt your health. So make sure that there is enough natural light that can ease the learning process. However, if there is too much light that heats your flat, you should take care of a set of blinds or shades to keep your space cool without using an AC system.

2. Ask for a standing desk

standing desk
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You probably know that sitting for long periods of time can have a negative effect on your health, causing obesity and various ailments. So it would be better to pick a flat with a standing desk. If your landlord doesn’t offer it in your eco-accommodation, you should ask them to replace a standard one. Although using a standing desk may seem uncommon, it is actually very beneficial. Doctors say that this type of furniture can reduce back pain, improve mood, elevate energy, and even boost your learning productivity.

3. Have a look at the ventilation

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As was mentioned above, air quality affects your well-being a lot. Therefore, ventilation is one of the most important things to remember when selecting an eco apartment. Make sure that the area where you are going to study is well insulated, so you can feel good during the hot summer months. Proper ventilation is vital for your comfort when studying at home since it prevents the space from being too cold or too humid. Note that if the environment makes you feel uncomfortable, this will cause stress and interfere with studying.

4. Remove distractions

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Obviously, concentration is the key to effective learning. Since it’s vital for academic success, you should do your best to keep your mind fully focused on the task. Note that if an apartment is cluttered, you won’t be able to stay productive as this may distract you. Therefore, make sure that your new flat is clean and minimalist. What’s more, it would be great if it didn’t provide access to TVs and radios, which may bother you. Removing all the distractions will help you to stay highly effective even when getting a degree from home.

Final thoughts

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Eco apartments are extremely popular now, especially among students that were taught environmental responsibility in their childhood. Many of them are searching for opportunities to rent an eco-friendly flat in London or other big cities. But the question is ‘How to choose the one that will be suitable for distance learning?’ Hopefully, this article gave you some valuable insights about selecting the best eco-accommodation.

Cover image: Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

James CollinsAuthor’s BIO: James Collins is a researcher and eco-activist. His aim is to prevent damage to the environment by running different social and political campaigns. James believes that people can make the world a better place if they do their best to save nature around them.