Holidays are the perfect opportunity to let our children be small explorers, to let them discover the wonders of nature, to be surprised in front of the colors of flowers and to get excited in front of an animal. Today we recommend a perfect destination for hiking with children of all ages: the Adamello Brenta Park. The largest protected area of ​​Trentino is a true paradise for all trekking lovers and there are paths of every difficulty. Among its meadows dotted with colorful flowers and its boundless forests, between the crystal clear lakes and the spectacular waterfalls, it is possible to make beautiful itineraries that can also be done with a baby in the backpack or with small and older children.

The tour of Lake Tovel

The tour of Lake Tovel with children
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It is certainly one of the jewels of the Adamello Brenta Park. Children will want to explore the surrounding forest, throw stones in its crystal clear waters and walk along the white beaches, while adults will be enraptured by the beauty of the place. Reaching it is very easy, thanks to a large parking lot nearby. We recommend going around the lake counterclockwise, heading towards Chalet Tovel and proceeding along the forest road that goes into the woods. The first part of the route is completely flat, but at some point the route turns into a classic mountain path. It is still suitable for children of all ages, but those who have chosen to bring the stroller will not be able to do it. It is a truly exciting exploration and it will not be easy to leave these landscapes!

A walk with the children between the bears and wolves of Adamello Brenta Park

A walk with the children between the bears and wolves of Adamello Brenta Park
© Luca Lorenzi via Wikimedia

While exploring the Adamello Brenta Park with children you can’t miss a view at the Casa del Parco Orso, in Spormaggiore. Inside the Visitor Center, the families can do an interactive route dedicated to the symbol of the park, the bear. Movies, audio, stories and much more to find out everything about this beautiful animal. But it’s not over here! A few steps from the center there is a beautiful wildlife park that houses some specimens of brown bear, but also wolves, foxes, otters and lynxes. The animals live in the woods, in large fenced areas. Seeing them is not certain, but it is easy enough to find them in the trees and it is always a great emotion, and not only for our kids! There is also a small farm, where you can see classic pets.

An itinerary for children in Val Di Genova

An itinerary for children in Val Di Genova, Italy
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Among the many other family trails in the Adamello Brenta Park, we also recommend the one that starts from Malga Bedole, at 1584 meters above sea level. It is possible to park. Once past the wooden bar, you will immediately find yourself in front of a beautiful plain, where cows often graze, with the Adamello peaks in the background.

Rifugio Adamello-Collini al Bedole
Adamello-Collini al Bedole, photo via Facebook

The path continues up to the end of the plain, and then climbs slightly to Rifugio Adamello-Collini al Bedole. At this point it is possible to choose between different routes, but the best hiking trail for children is certainly the one that takes us to Malga Matarot Bassa.

Follow the signs and cross the bridge over the Sarca di Genova stream. Continue until you reach the cableway station for Rifugio Mandrone. Here, anyone with a stroller is forced to stop. The path proceeds in the middle of a luxuriant forest and with high wooden or stone steps you will quickly reach Malga Matarot Bassa. The landscape that opens before the eyes of hikers and children is truly incredible!

Cover image: photo via Adamello Brenta GeoPark FB Page