The European Week of waste reduction takes place every year. This event is fundamental as it deals with important issues such as waste reduction. Let’s discover together 5 tips to effectively communicate to your guests the importance of reducing waste.

While traveling, we’re more predisposed to change our habits. Staying in an ecobnb can give you the chance to learn something about sustainability and find out how to reduce waste.

If you own an ecologic hotel, an agritourism or a green b&b, it will be extremely important to communicate to your guests how the separate collection works and how to reduce waste. But, how to communicate? Which strategies may you adopt? It’s not that easy to talk about these issues. As a matter of fact, we all process information depending on the way they expose them to us.

Here are 5 efficient tips to successfully communicate with your guests hot to reduce garbage and waste, suggested by the European week of waste reduction.

1. Get to know your guests

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Remember that you have real people in front of you. Don’t turn your discourse into a monologue. Interact with them! Before spreading your message, try to get to know your guest better (Where do they come from? How do they recycle in their city? How much do they know about the waste issue?). Make sure that it is a mutual exchange of advice and knowledge. People often know much more than you could imagine.

2. Two sides, use them both!

The left side of our brain reacts to facts, while the right one reacts to stories and emotional triggers.  So do not rely just on figures, use also images and stories of experiences. Tell your guests a positive experience of those who managed to reduce waste during a holiday. Or, inform them about the possible consequences of adopting improper behavior. In so doing you can make them think seriously about the subject. In short, say something that can amaze and impress them (whether positively or negatively, it will depend on your goal). The conscious use of the “tools” that we have at our disposal can lead to great results. Try to find the right balance between the contents. In this way, you will surely leave your mark.

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3. Be concrete

How do we say? “I won’t believe it ’till I see it”. Many people think like that. Be always prepared, make sure that you have proofs of what you’re saying. Think of testimonies, terms of comparison, images, etc. Avoid relying on abstract concepts or in a short time you will lose your guest’s attention. On the contrary, if you also base yourself on concrete evidence, you will help the guests connect with their local reality. your message has to be effective and urgent, but let your guests reprocess it all.

4. Be consistent in your commitment to reducing waste

If you want to inspire your guests and make them improve waste reduction, you have to work hard. Inspiring a change in behavior needs time and effort, so it’s important to devote energies to it. The European week of waste reduction lasts only 7 days a year, but we hope that your constancy will last more. Stay updated on the topic and continue to inform your guests about the news. They may have discovered a new effective way to reduce waste and you need to keep up, always!
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eliminate plastic and use glass bottles, photo on Unplash

5. Coherence and simplicity

Walk the talk! Remember to keep coherence between the message you’re spreading and your following actions. Otherwise, you’ll lose your credibility. Make sure that your guests feel your efforts to eliminate food waste, 100% differentiate waste, promote a circular economy, and be a zero-waste hotel. Also, find different means to communicate. Keep in mind that nowadays technology offers endless opportunities. Always use simple language, reaching as many people as possible, and tell facts that are easy to understand and identifiable.
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If you’re interested in this event and you want to know more about it, see the interactive map!
If you know the perfect way to communicate waste reduction and raise awareness on this topic, share your experience in the comments!
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