This is the season for cool weather and high heating bills. During winter, our home heaters keep us comfortable and warm, but they can also cost us a lot. Did you know that space heating can make up 45% of your energy bill? Your wallet doesn’t have to suffer this winter season. If you prepare your home correctly for wintertime, you can reduce your energy usage and keep warm at the same time. Below you’ll find 7 quick and easy home winterization tips to help save energy during the winter. Reducing your energy usage is good for your electric bill, and it’s also good for the planet – so read on!

1. Switch to LED lights

Make the switch to energy-efficient lightbulbs this season with your indoor lamps and lighting fixtures, your outdoor lights, and your holiday lights.

2. Weatherproof your windows and doors

If you have cracks in your windows and doors, nearly 25% of heat from your heaters can escape. Seal up these cracks to prevent heat loss.

Weatherproof window. Winterization Tips
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3. Purchase a programmable thermostat

You don’t have to invest in a smart thermostat, you can simply program the one you already have to set the temperature lower at times of day when no one is home.

4. Close up the chimney when you’re not using it

Don’t let your home heat escape through the chimney sweep. Whenever your chimney is not in use, close the damper and flue.

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5. Set your water heater to 120-140 degrees

Pay attention to the temperature on your water heater. Your water heating can account for up to 10% of your home energy usage, so make sure yours is set to 120-140 degrees.

6. Rotate ceiling fans to turn clockwise

Work smarter, not harder. Let your heater take a break by rotating your ceiling fans clockwise to pull warm air down.

7. Open curtains and blinds to allow sunlight in

Natural sunlight is a great way to warm your home. If it’s a sunny day out, open up your curtains and let the sunshine through!

open curtains, Winterization Tips
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Karlyn McKellAuthor Bio: Karlyn McKell is a writer for The Zebra who specializes in home insurance and homeownership tips and tricks!