With climate change having a global impact that is set to destroy the world’s delicate natural balance, it’s never been more important to teach your kids the importance of becoming eco-conscious. It’s something every parent can do in just a few minutes a day, and it will help educate the next generation so they can make greener choices as we come together to help save the planet.

Show your kids the beauty of nature

First things first, you need to show the youngsters what they stand to inherit from their parents, and what they could be at the risk of losing forever if something drastic isn’t done almost immediately. If you don’t show a child the beauty of nature, it can be all too easy for your words of advice to come across as preaching or moralizing. That’s the last thing you want to happen, because if that’s how you come across, the vast majority of what you say will be falling on deaf ears.

Take the time to show them the beautiful sights and scenes that are out there, and the wonderful creatures we share the planet with. Only then will you be able to open their eyes to what really matters in life.

Show your kids the beauty of nature
Photo by Gabby Orcutt on Unsplash

Educate them on the impact of climate change

You’re also going to need to tell them about the impact climate change is having right now, and how it’s far more than some distant scientific theory. It’s real, it’s happening, and it’s something that will impact the youngest amongst us for far longer than the people who are in charge right now. Once you’ve done that, start showing them how the following simple changes can add up to a huge difference, but only if we all do them together.

Educate them on the impact of climate change
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Take reusable bottles with you wherever you go

Plastic bottles have been making the news recently because of the sheer number of them washing up on otherwise pristine beaches the world over. Whilst there’s no doubting that they’re convenient when we want to quench our thirst on the move, the pollution and microplastics they cause are anything but. If you want to make a great impression on the kids, start taking reusable bottles with you on your travels.

water bottle in vacation
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Buy your food from the locals

You don’t always have to eat at massive chain restaurants and supermarkets who fly their produce in from all over the world. Take the time to wander down to the local market so you can get fresh, local, and seasonal produce to fill your stomach. It’ll also give you a much better chance to get to know the locals than standing in line in a supermarket.

local and organic products
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Make a real effort with your recycling

If you have a trip to the beach, recycle everything rather than throwing it in the nearest bin. It’s about making the effort so that your kids grow up and think it’s weird not to recycle. Just make it one of those things that you all have to do, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly the habit forms.

recycle only
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Use public transportation wherever possible

Taking the impact of climate change seriously is as much about finding greener, eco-friendlier ways to travel as it is about reducing your energy consumption at home. Public transport may not be perfect, but it’s far better for the environment than adding yet another car to the road. You could also look at charitable schemes that allow you to plant a tree to help offset the carbon footprint of your flights.

use public transportation with kids
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Get the whole family cycling from A to B

When you think about a family cycle, you often think of a once-annual jaunt on a sunny summer’s day, but why? Could you not get from A to B on your travels when you want to pop into town, or to the seaside, by riding from your hotel to your destination? Turn it into a mode of transport rather than just an activity to do for the sake of it, and it’ll make a real difference to your child’s attitude.

cycling with the family
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Final Thoughts

Being an eco-conscious parent is all about showing your child the beauty of the natural world, and the dangers it faces, so that you can make a compelling case for traveling a little bit greener. Teach your child the importance of doing their bit, and you’ll be proud of how seriously they take it.

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