Seafood is your favorite gastronomy and healthy nutrition represents an important area of your life? You eat fresh food, buy local products, shop mostly in health stores and organic local markets? Do you visit only healthy restaurants where you trust that the menu is made of fresh local ingredients?

Do you know where the seafood on your plate comes from?
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If you fit into this description, you’ll be probably facing challenges on your holidays in Dalmatia. You want to be well informed about what you eat and where did the food come from. Unfortunately, it will be hard to get this information from most of the caterers and there is a reason why.

Do you know where the seafood on your plate actually comes from?

Do you know where the seafood on your plate comes from?
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Mass production, peak tourist season with hordes of tourists and increasing competition of countless restaurants are influencing the owners to minimize their costs. If the restaurant owner hasn’t adopted sustainability principles into his life and business, his focus will only be on maximizing the profits in the short-term, while saving on the quality of ingredients. In practice, this means that the fish and other seafood that is being served to you as delicious ‘’local gastronomy’’ actually comes from very distant fish farms. These fish farms are not only producing low-quality fish that live in heartbreaking conditions but also massively destroy the environment.

Fish farm
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Due to the lower price of imported fish, local fishermen are facing challenges when selling their catch to the restaurants. It’s important to educate yourself about the quality of food that you put into your body and thus be a well-informed consumer.

Follow the quality label ”Fishermen recommend”

As an alternative, the quality label Fishermen recommend was established. In Dalmatia it is known that the best recommendation on where to eat locally caught fish can be given by the fishermen. They know best which restaurants buy their catches.

Fishermen recommend Quality label
Follow the Fishermen recommend Quality label

Local Action Group Lagur Galeb is taking care of the labeling restaurants and taverns in Šibenik-Knin County that are buying fish from the local fishermen. This fish is fresh and the quality label guarantees it was caught in the Adriatic sea.

Fresh fish from local fisherman
Source: Fishermen recommend Facebook page

Read the description of several fish types from the Adriatic sea. Get to know the local fishermen, find out who caught the fish, on which location, when and how. Build your trust in awarded caterers and track, how the fish served on your plate is really local and fresh.

local fisherman
Source: Fishermen recommended Facebook page
Local fisherman
Source: Fishermen recommend Facebook page

Follow the list of restaurants and taverns providing local fishery products:

  • Tavern Bepo Tribunj: located in a small Adriatic Croatian fishing town called Tribunj, right in the center of town, and only 100 meters from the towns beautiful “marina Tribunj”. This family restaurant was first started back in 1987 by Ratko (Bepo) and Biserka Jerkov, a husband and wife who are very involved in the business to this day. Their tradition is being passed down to their son Josip who is, along with his parents, very successful in continuing this family tradition and taking the restaurant and its service to a whole another level.
  • Tavern Boba Murter: inspired by the favorite ingredients that they work with daily, surrounded by the sea and the island way of life. Their constant quest for fresh seafood reflects the change of seasons, different harvest zones of the area and respect that they have for their suppliers. The tavern garden is a rosary of gratitude for fragrances and aromas where each bead has its own name: immortelle, marjoram, oregano, basil, rosemary, mint, tomatoes, pepper, chili pepper, zucchini, parsley, arugula, cucumbers and pomegranate, orange, lemon, olive, fig, mulberry trees, etc.
  • Tavern Broščica Tisno: is a traditionally decorated family tavern with a sea view and a rich offer of fish specialties. It offers daily a fantastic combination of homemade Mediterranean cuisine and international delicacies. Broščica is an ideal place for family gatherings, and it guarantees you discovering something new every time you visit.
  • Tavern Markiolac Tribunjlocated in the center of Tribunj with a romantic view of the old town, coast and the fishing boats. It offers fish specialties that depend on the daily catch guaranteeing the freshness of seafood and authenticity. You will enjoy here blue fish specialties like the tuna steak, grilled sardines, fried sardines, fried whitebait, marinated anchovies, and other fish delicacies.
  • Restaurant Čigrađa Murter: This fish restaurant is a blend of traditional Dalmatia and contemporary trends, in architecture and interior design as well as in gastronomy. The menu of the restaurant is particularly made from fresh seasonal seafood, typical for this area. They prepare food that preserve the old Dalmatian cuisine but at the same time nurture the concept of healthy eating and creative contemporary gastronomy.
  • Restaurant Fešta Murter: Seafood restaurant “Fešta” is situated in the inlet of Golubovac on the island of Žut, in the beautiful Kornati archipelago. It is located among hundred-year-old olives on the very coast, with power and water supplied mooring. Looking at the interior, the restaurant looks like an old Dalmatian tavern and has a collection of native crafts. Numerous fisherman and agricultural tools, accessories and traditional clothing are displayed there. The restaurant also has two outdoor terraces, an open wood-burning barbecue, a bread oven, and an aquarium.
  • Restaurant Luna Tribunj: owned by a family Unić in Tribunj since 1970 offers you seasonal fish specialties depending on the daily fish catch.​ You can also enjoy meat delicacies with local vegetables and olive oil from their own garden on a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea and nearby islands.
  • Restaurant Marinero Betina: is a family restaurant committed to the quality of the service. Marinero has an enchanting view to the village of Betina and it is settled only a few meters from the seaside. They offer fish specialties adapted to the season and daily fresh local fisherman catch.
  • Restaurant Račić Murter: is a restaurant with family tradition since 1982 offering seasonal fish and meat delicacies. The restaurant is popular among boaters and sailors. It is specialized in seafood cuisine and seafood specialties like seafood risotto, Frutti di mare pasta, shellfish stew, fresh mussels, seafood salads, fresh fish carpaccio, lobster and shrimps dishes prepared by their Chef with 30 years of experience.
  • Restaurant Rico Vodice: with a long family tradition offers specialties of Dalmatian and Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on fish delicacies. A wide variety of fish specialties are offered. You can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere on the beautiful terrace in the center of Vodice overlooking the seashore.
  • Restaurant Stara Riva Pirovac: Welcome to the restaurant Stara Riva in Pirovac. Located on the seashore, where for centuries Pirovac fishermen have come home from overnight fishing carrying the freshest local caring from surrounding waters. Restaurant Stara Riva turned into a gastronomic pearl of central Dalmatia known for its traditional cuisine, specialties interlaced by the sun, salt and sea, its dishes that reflect the spirit of the Mediterranean and Dalmatia. Enjoy seafood prepared for you by centuries-old traditional recipes.
  • Restaurant Cantinetta Skradin: has an emphasis on Skradin’s traditional dishes and local foods served in a contemporary way. In addition to the revitalized old and almost forgotten recipes at La Cantinetta, you can try a “tasting menu” with a variety of gastronomic variations on the same foods that are used in the preparation of traditional dishes.

Be a helpful traveler with a good taste, not a harmful tourist 

By choosing these caterers, your menu will not only taste better but you will also support the local economy, contribute to nature protection and show that you care for sustainable tourism development.

Seafoof restaurant cantineta
Restaurant Cantineta, source: Fishermen recommend homepage

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Cover photo: Restaurant Fešta, source: Fishermen recommend homepage

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