Germany still points on sustainability: last September a new zero emissions train went into operation. It’s the first train in the world fully powered by hydrogen. The new hydrogen train can reach 140 km per hour, with a range of 800 km with a full. It has a capacity of 300 passengers.

The first Hydrogen Train in the World

Coradia iLint, this is the name of this innovative train, it came into operation last Autumn in Germany. The manufacturer is Alstom and the train travels on the city-line Buxtehude-Bremervörde-Bremerhaven-Cuxhaven, in Lower Saxony.

The first zero-emissions train arrives in Germany

The iLint train is powered by huge lithium ion batteries that gets their power from the combination of hydrogen and oxygen. In addition to not producing any CO2 emissions the train, which only emit steam, is much quieter than the ones we are now accustomed, the only sound will be that of the wheels and the air resistance.

It is a real public transport revolution, in Germany 50% of the railway network is not yet electrified (a common problem with other European countries) and with these new trains powered by hydrogen the country will be able to significantly reduce the environmental impact and the costs. In addition, the hydrogen tank seems safer than gasoline rank, so iLint trains also bring greater security.

The first zero-emissions train arrives in Germany

Coradia iLint is therefore a clean and quiet train and, we hope, the future of rail transport.


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