I know you want to recycle, but did you know that you can Upcycle and maintain the Ecosystem at the same time? Here’s an idea to craft this winter: a simple Bird Feeder from a Plastic Bottle!

Upcycle and Sustain the Ecosystem

Complementary to a world with less pollution and waste, to Upcycle or Upcycling is a new term used to define the fact of reusing a product you wanted to throw away. This fact was actually heavily present decades ago because of scarcity and the non-abundance. However, we can see that nowadays and because of the ease of procurement, people are buying and trowing away plenty of products. But luckily, more fresh ideas to reuse our waste are seeing the light and I am personally enjoying this new experience!

In this article, I invite you to come and enjoy this experience while I also highlight on a very important benefit of upcycling – to sustain the ecosystem.

upcycling tools
Upcycling tools, ph. by Jad Khadij

After reading and practicing plenty of upcycling, I realized that some upcycled products are more useful depending on the season. For example, when using a used plastic bottle, it can be useful to build a Vertical Garden in spring while it is possible to set-up a Birdfeeder in winter. That’s a two-way profit, isn’t it!?

How to Make a Bird Feeder from a Plastic Bottle

As you know, we are now at the heart of the winter season, rain and snow are covering all the area and food is so scarce to most of the fauna – including animals found in our home garden, like birds in particular. Therefore, in order to maintain a very reasonable number of birds in the cold season, we encourage people to leave them some food while recycling.

A BirdFeeder has the honor to help us maintaining the ecosystem. Here are some tips and a step-by-step to set one up so easily.

the Upcycled Birdfeeder with a close-up on the spoon
birdfeeder, ph. by Jad Khadij
  1. Gather the tools that you need
    Used Plastic Bottles – big or small it doesn’t matter
    A Drill or something to pierce
    A Wooden Spoon or a Stick
    A rope
    Food for birds – it can be grains found at home or purchased from a pet store.
  2. Piercing
    Using a drill or any other piercing tool, go ahead and make two holes at the 1/3 of the bottle (at its base).
    Keep in mind that these holes will be used to maintain the stick from two sides. Both holes should be facing each other.
    You will also need to pierce inside the cap, a hole enough to maintain a rope.
  3. Wooden Spoon or Stick
    Insert the spoon/stick into the holes. Make sure to have it stable.
    Check the image above to see how much to leave in the first hole for the food to go through.
  4. Food for the bird
    Fill-in the bottle with what you have as food for the birds. As an extra idea, you can also research on the types of birds that come and visit your garden in winter and feed them what they like.
  5. Rope
    Finally, insert the rope in the cap and hang the bottle inside a tree.
upcycle: birdfeeder hanged on the tree
Birdfeeder, ph. by Jad Khadij

Here is how recycling and ecosystem meet!

I would love to answer your questions and see how you are doing with your own BirdFeeder in the comments below!


Cover image: Photo by Peter Lewis on Unsplash

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Author: Jad Khadij

I remember when I was a kid, I was not sure of what I will be when I grow up. But now I think that all my juvenile gestures and the way of thinking make sense; I remember that I had blurred ideas in sustainability and did not know how useful that could be in our lifestyle. I am so glad now that I can combine my passion to the environment with managerial and business way of thinking. Currently holding a master’s degree in strategic management and entrepreneurship and wishing for more.
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