From a simple item to a work of art thanks to the street art. You need just a little imagination, a spray, an old, grey and neglected object… and the city becomes colourful, funnier and more beautiful.

Lots of street artists express their creativity in the most popular and chaotic towns, where traffic, hurry and worries make often forget people of their sunny and childish side. These lively and unexpected drawings have the power to evoke it.

Tom Bob uses the street art to transform the roads of New York, making it become more colourful and funnier. Thanks to artists like him, also the most unknown and forgot corners of the city can turn into something special, capable of making people smile and come back to childhood, even if just for a while. Thanks to these little things we can understand how anything can be re-evaluated and transformed into an attraction, if only it could be seen with another pair of glasses.

Imagination can do anything: it can also turn a sad, ordinary and insignificant object into nice crabs, birds, flowers and so on! Barrels, old benches, tubes… you will see something special in things that you did not even notice before. An art that can be seen also as a metaphor to make us open our eyes and try to look at our surroundings under another point of view. Appreciate what you have and the territory where you live and if you do not like what you see or it is not satisfying for you, then change perspective, use your imagination, be open-minded and the result will be incredible! Just like the objects transformed by Tom Bob.

You can see his creativity and originality also in other cities like Boston, New Bedford and Massachusetts, but you can always follow him on Instagram, where he shares his works of art with the whole world.

Street art around the world

Artists from all over the world like to surprise passers-by with unique and lively works of art. In Spain for example, cities get coloured by wonderful flower drawings through the urban cross stitch street art (Guerrilla knitting) by Raquel Rodrigo. In London, the street art is so widespread and appreciated that there are real touristic itineraries and museums to celebrate and enhance it. In Italy there are festivals sugh as the CVTà Street Fest, Murali Street Art Forlì and the Outdoor Festival. Finally, all of us know the graffiti of the famous East Side Gallery in Berlin, but the street art is not just on the wall: it goes on and colors more or less the whole city.

Not just fun, but also a cause for reflection

The street art improves the appearance of our cities, but it can also be a cause for reflection about what happens around us. Many artists use this art to express themselves on topics like pollution, injustices and environmental degradation. Let’s see some examples:

What do you think about this form of art?

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