Who has not dreamed of growing all the food they need? Who did not dream of having a place to enjoy the sun all year long? Now there’s solution: it’s the greenhouse of the future.

We have often talked about how important is, but also rewarding, to have a sustainable life and to choose organic food without weighing on the environment, preferring renewable energies.

We have also explained on several occasions how we can do it and we are happy to share with you this little discovery we have made today.

Imagine having a whole greenhouse or sharing with your neighbors where your food grows, with no pesticides (so damaging to the environment and our health), where it is hot even in the winter, using only the energy from the sun. A corner of paradise that allows you to reconnect with nature, save some money and have a better lifestyle.

the Greenhouse of the future

The Greenhouse of the Future is an innovative and strategic project, made with recycled and natural materials that interacts with the natural phenomena of the place to create an ideal environment for growth and abundance. Following the detailed instructions (accessible at a low price) you can build your own greenhouse even if you do not have experience in this kind of work.


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