When a tree is growing, it takes years and years for it to grow completely into the plant’s final stage: for this reason, the Festival della lentezza, literally the Festival of Slowness, has decided to undertake the realization of a new orchard, which will be placed near a playschool and a kindergarten in Colorno (PR, Italy) and will be called Bosco del tempo, the wood of time.

Why an orchard?

The iniziative’s choice does not only regard the slowness of the growth process, but it also concers a whole package of other benefits and advantages that the trees offer to mankind and that we often tend to forget. Trees are indeed one of our most precious renewable resources, which safeguard our well-being through their own existence, producing oxygen, which we breath, food and timber for our home, filtering polluting substances, building a natural habitat for many species and supplying other types of eco-system services, not considering the fact that they also play a fundamental role for the landscape and historical beauty of our territory.

Just a… children-sized wood

The Association Comuni Virtuosi, promoting the Festival della Lentezza, together with the agrarian experimental company Stuard of Parma and your very own help as a donor, will provide for the realization and financing of this amazing project, which will rise and prosper near the playschool and the kindergarten of Colorno. Children will be able to benefit from the orchard’s delicious products and learn to give value to fruits of nature, as well as consider them as fundamental goods that need to be cared for.

Each child will be able to have a snack that has actually fallen from a tree standing just a few meters away, which is something that it is not usual nowadays and that a few people have the possibility and fortune to do. Bosco del tempo will grow near those who represent our future, the children and therefore it will shower the atmosphere with positivity and innovation, perhaps leading other cities to take on the same project and becoming greener and healtier.

Still zero ideas for Christmas’ gifts? Buy a tree from Bosco del tempo!

The donations for the project, which will start in autumn 2018, include different kinds of personalized packages. Thanks to those, it will be possible to make someone the owner of the plant or just be the owner yourself:

  • with €10, a single donation with following acknowledgement on the official web page of the Festival
  • with €25, a pack of seeds and following acknowledgement on the official web page
  • with €50, adopt or donate one plant with following acknowledgemt on the official web page
  • with €100, adopt or donate two plants with following acknowledgement on the official web page
  • with €300, become Mecenate del bosco, be the one who cuts the ribbon and get your name on a plate right in front of the orchard’s entrance!

Do not miss the chance of being part of this project! We have already done so: Ecobnb has adopted its tree in the Wood of Time. Eventhough its benefits will be invisible for the first months, Bosco del tempo will slowly spread its roots and branches enriching the landscape and its inhabitants.

"Il Bosco del Tempo" Project, a new wood in Colorno, Parma Italy

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Author: Margherita Potrich

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