Cristina wants to organize a vacation staying in a veg friendly accommodation. Here’s what she wrote us

Hi, I’ve recently discovered your site and your app, which I find very interesting. I would like to give you a tip; It would be interesting to find a section dedicated to “veg friendly” or fully vegan/vegetarian accommodations, it would be a perfect match.
Thank you, Cristina

Here in our blog we have already talked you about vegan holidays and some veg friendly accommodations.

Now the facilities that offer to their guests a menu suited to these lifestyles are more and more and some of them are completely vegan or vegetarian. You can find them on Ecobnb with just few clicks: Once you’ve chosen your destination, among the different filters you can choose, in the Theme section, “Vegan” so you can see the accommodation with a special attention to vegan and vegetarian travelers. Alternatively, if you want to be sure that in the accommodation’s restaurant there are also vegetarian or vegan dishes, you can select these items in the Services section.

Veg friendly Holiday in Italy

Organic farmhouse in the heart of Salento

Veg Friendly Holiday in Italy

Piccapane farmhouse is suitable for those who want to enjoy a holiday in respect of the environment, in the tranquility of the Salento countryside. The restaurant is 100% vegan and organic. Breakfast is a rich buffet of homemade products with local and organic ingredients and freshly picked fruit (depending on the season).

Among the woods of Piedmont

Veg Friendly Holiday in Italy

The B&B Casa Payer is the perfect place for a vegetarian, rural life experience, in harmony with the environment. Here you can walk in the woods, admire the stars, relax in a hammock. In the room overlooking the woods, guests can enjoy rich, sweet and savory vegetarian and vegan breakfasts: baked bread and pizza, pies, biscuits, freshly picked fruit, juices, herbs and jams prepared vegetables and fruits of the garden.

Close to the sea, in Emilia Romagna

Veg Friendly Holiday in Italy

Hotel Luxor, which offers a 90% vegan and 10% traditional menu, is located in Igea Marina, a short walk from the promenade. The rooms are colorful and bright, and some overlook the sea. The rich vegan buffet breakfast offers local and organic produce and homemade vegan desserts and rye bread. An extractor is available to customers for fresh juices. For dinner, among the specialties of the house: potatoes and leek pies, cous cous, hummus croutons, tofu patés.

Just a stone’s throw from Santa Severa Castle

Veg Friendly Holiday in Italy

The B&B Baia Benessere is dedicated to all lovers of a natural lifestyle, that want to relax and regenerate in search of well-being! Opened in June 2016, the guest accommodation is completely new, beautiful and comfortable, like an excellent hotel. You can enjoy shiatsu treatments and do yoga after a veg friendly breakfast.

Among the hills of the Apennines Parmense

Veg Friendly Holiday in Italy

An old stone house that has became a farmhouse: we are in Langhirano and this is the Podere Doglio Farm. The property offers a beautiful garden, perfect for a few hours of relaxation, and the restaurant is exclusively vegetarian and vegan.


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