A house that allows you to save money, that sometimes makes you travel, that allows you to have every comfort in a small space: we are talking about a real phenomenon that is having more and more success abroad, and that is slowly reaching even Italy. It is the frontier of tiny houses, small buildings  that offer every comfort without damaging the environment.

Tiny houses: a new way of life

It’s a new architecture that reinvents the living space, mostly use recycled materials, that rationalizes to avoid waste and live in a new way. It then create tiny houses, small chalets, but also homes on wheels that are almost always self-sufficient and that collect in a few square meters all you need.

In just 9 square meters you can then find the living area with sofa and television, fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom and the bedroom with double bed and wardrobe. It’s hard to believe, but from the pictures it is immediately clear how the ergonomic use of space is essential.

The houses can be used for short periods when traveling (there are those easily transportable), as an outbuilding or be chosen as a lifestyle. Abandoning mortgages and excessive spending, choosing the essential and the environment. Because these tiny house use renewable energies, often reuse rainwater and are built entirely of wood. And thus have minimal environmental impact than conventional houses.

Tumbleweed Tiny House Cypress
Tumbleweed Cypress off on another adventure!

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