Maybe someone doesn’t remember anymore. The contemporary lifestyle, our work, the social network, our busy days, the metropolis and every little thing of our daily lives often distances us from nature.

But we are not the missed call from our boss, the likes on our last Facebook post. We are nature. This is the message of the video posted online a few days ago by the WWF.

“I’m not the missed call from my boss.
I’m not my dozens of unread emails.
I’m not my to-do list.
I am not the likes on my Facebook profile.
I’m not the fast food of my lunch break.
I am…
I’m the leaves falling on my shoulders.
I am the grass beneath my feet.
The wind blowing through the trees.
I’m the water flowing between the stones.
The soil running between my fingers.
I am the choices I make.
I am nature.”

A reminder of the beauty of nature, of being free; a reminder of how we need to regain that lost contact.

I Am Nature: new viral WWF video

In our blog we had already talked about those people who are rediscovering the importance of working in close contact with nature: such as the Appenines’ new farmers committed to saving the environment.

Nature can really change our lives. It makes us happier, less anxious, more healthy. It seems that living close to a green space reduces the perception of stress and work in nature reduces the incidence of heart disease and stroke.

The I Am Nature campaign by WWF got it right. It invite us to change our choices, to change our lives and discover that, before everything else, we are nature.


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Author: Chiara Marras

I'm Chiara, I strongly believe in the web as a point of exchange and dissemination and I think that one of the most urgent issues at the moment is eco-sustainability. So why not rediscover the journey as a union with nature and local culture?
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