Why we should living without a car? This is a good question.

I don’t have one and many people ask me why I don’t buy one.

I can go to work without a car but with a bus or walking: the city where I live, is a very small city and it’s possible do many thing of your life without car and you can save money.

Petrol, insurance, mechanic, I don’t pay this things and I use It for a very nice trip (maybe to a dream place).

I was very curious about living without a car and I decided to search more information about this eco-friendly life-style.

I was surprise, many person tell their experience and many cities that induce to a better life.

Bike & trains are on the top. Why? More sport. We do more sport with the bike, we are happy and our body & mind are better. For me it is synonymous for a better life, do you believe?

Trains: good topic. I love train. I meet always many people and I can look out of the windows and … do you know that the train don’t polluter so much as cars? people who have had this experience, is happy and they tell that their life is chanced in better! Don’t you believe? Go to internet and read the many blog and articles that you found!

For example: in USA there is a city where you don’t found any cars just bike. All the people live without a car; the only car are the ambulance and the police. A law of the 1898 prohibiting the use of cars (yes! a law old 110 years!) and today this small city is as the past: the person living perfectly and in summer many tourists make their holidays here.

Living without cars? It’s possible and can be funny and useful for our healthy, nature and more!

Cover image: ph. by Corey Templeton, via flickr

Mackinac Island, city without car
Mackinac Island, Michigan, ph. by Jasperdo, via flickr

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