Corvara is a medieval village, in the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park. Few houses perched on a rocky outcrop on the slopes of Mount Aquileio hide inexplicable charm that recall images of the past; it seems almost a magical place. A few steps away from the houses, surrounded by a forest, there is an organic farmhouse which for many years has been committed to environmental protection and genuine and special hospitality: it is the Aperegina farmhouse.

Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park
Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park; photo by bass_roll via Flickr

The tourism in Abruzzo is growing year by year, but it remains a still little known region that has many places to be discovered. Here nature reigns; in the three National Parks, in the many natural reserves that cover about a third of the region, between the kilometers of its coastline and its high mountains. It is at the top of the green tourism in Italy and was also named the Green Region of Europe. Between nature and the thousand castles, monasteries, churches and villages, Abruzzo is the right destination for the next trip.

The Aperegina farmhouse is the perfect place to visit and learn about the region. We are invited in this magical place to live a different holiday, in the name of authenticity and friendship. We immerse ourselves in the life of Aperegina farmhouse, establishing caring relationships with Marino and Elide who invite us into their home and in their lives, sharing secrets and dreams of a life seemingly simpler but perhaps richer. Marino tells us about the activities taking place in the farm, the most important one is beekeeping. Elide tells us how they prepared liqueurs and jams. We all eat together, at the same table.

Guests can choose from 3 different rooms. The Heart Rooms characterized by heart-shaped window that allows you to enjoy a splendid view from your bed. The Meridian Room has its own entrance and lawn outside. It is very comfortable and ideal for couples or small families. Finally, a unique accommodation: the tree house. Ideal for a romantic getaway, it’s a small house on a tree, with wooden floor and wooden walls, platform bed, small closet and panoramic views. The price is the same for every room: 50 € per person  half board (breakfast and dinner) included.

We can participate in the activities of the farhouse, know the sheep, pigs and poultry bred in the surrounding area, choose together the ingredients from the vegetable garden for dinner, walk in the orchard of cherry trees, the plum trees, apple trees, the figs and walnuts, we can help in the preparation of jams and of liquors. We can relax in the garden or in the reading room.

The attention to the environment of the farmhouse can be seen in all things: from the solar panels for the hot water to the collection, from the exclusive use of organic and local food to the recovery of rainwater. In the library we can find maps, guides and books on the surroundings and also Marino and Elide will be happy to recommend slow itineraries, visits to the most beautiful churches in the area, and the markets of the surrounding villages.
It will be hard to leave Aperegina farmhouse, but definitely we will always remember it and probably we’ll return.The Aperegina farmhouse isn’t a place but a state of mind.


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