Witches, carved pumpkins, ghosts and monsters, they who inhabit the night of October 31, a night of terror, charm and magic.
The Anglo-Saxon holiday is by now a tradition in Italy too, and each year there are more and more events around the peninsula. Children dress up and knock on every door in search of sweets and candies; while the older ones live nights of horror and amusement.
Among attractions, amusement parks and shows, this year the offer for Halloween is really rich.
However, we decided to spend the scariest weekend of the year in the castles of the country, places of mystery. Here there are our favorite events!

In Pallavicino Castle of Varano de ‘Melegari, near Parma,there will be the Varano Halloween Night made of hysterical laughter and insane horrors. A first hand adventure to experience  through the narrow corridors of the castle. But beware, there is someone (or something?) In the Fortress! You’ll be the star of a nightmare. The event is only for adults.

Shadows and strange creatures inhabit the Castle of Rivalta, in the province of Piacenza. Come to find out what happened to the monarch and her court! The gates of the fortress are open to all those looking for fun: for adults and brave children aged 10 years and older.

The Castle of Scipione opens its door to the mystery of Halloween: follow the evocative music and the play of light to discover the castle, its prison and the history of those who infest the rooms of the Castle.
Here you can also sleep! Book here you suggestive night in this beautiful castle!

View of the castle of Scipione
Castle of Scipione

In the Castle of Grumello, Halloween is just for kids. The castle is ready: elves, and fairies, witches, wizards and fauns arrived at court to celebrate the great holiday of the full moon. Sunday, October 25 the participants, aged 5 to 13 years, will have to save the world from a huge meteorite that is going to darken the sky!

The Soncino Castle organizes an evening of fun for adults and children: jugglers, fire, themed dinners and tours in the basement are awaiting for you in the province of Cremona.

In Piedmont, the children will experience an unforgettable adventure in the Castle of Monticello d’Alba. The younger children, ages 3 to 6 years, will listen the story of the manor tell by its ghost; while children aged 6 to 12 can visit the castle at night, between role-playing games and animations.

For those who want to spend an quieter autumn weekend, maybe with your loved one, but without losing the feeling of mystery and fascination of this holiday, we suggest you book a night in the castles of Italy that offer eco-friendly hospitality: from Zorzino Castle on Lake Iseo to the Apennine of Parma in Compiano Castle, from the romantic Chiola Castle in Abruzzo to the Tower of Botonta, fortress converted into a Albergo Diffuso in Umbria.

Chiosa Castle
Chiosa Castle. Book here your halloween night!

Will you be attending any of these events? Tell us about your Halloween night!

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