Whether you are crazy for state of art design products or for shabby look furniture, you can now choose to pick up your favourite piece of green design furniture and go green with these ideas.

Grass Sofa
Grass Sofa

You will love watching grass grow

Yes, you will and it will be the grass of your sofa.
You can build your own grass furniture for your garden and it’s even fun.
Let’s see how:

    1. Get some cardboard and cut it in the shape you need for your seat.
    2. Stick the different pieces together so to create the armchair you are dreaming.

Mind: bricks will allow water to filter and avoid your armchair to get soaked with rain showers and be a messy thing at the end of the season.

    1. Cover the frame with soil and water using a rain shower sprinkle. The direct water jet may move soil away.
    2. Seed and water again

Now…watch your grass grow and be ready to sit in a green armchair in two weeks maximum time.

Bonus note: why hot seeding clover and spend your relaxing time catching the four- leaf clover?

The water bench

You are living in a subtropical climate country.
The level of rainfall is outrageously high during the monsoon season and you do not see a drop of water in the arid season.
You have a curious and inventive mind and instead of thinking “there is nothing I can do”, you just think “ What to do? How to find an innovative solution to combine the two events?”
Sitting on a bench.
That’s the idea of the Mars Architects Studio.
The bench is not an ordinary one, it’s a water bench.
It looks like an old fashion couch you may be finding in the library of an exclusive private club in London: long seams to guide the rainfall water to the buttons. The buttons are actually valves to let the water in the tank.
The tanks have different capacity ranging from 500 to 1.800 litres.
Water is not drinkable but it can be used for garden watering, emergency needs etc.

panchina intelligente
The water bench

The second life of your beloved jeans

I know, you are crazy for that old pair of jeans you used to wear at college and now though they do not fit you anymore (it’s the washing machine, of course: they grew smaller because of multiple washings!) you can’t throw them away.
Why not manufacturing original home furniture with your old denim?
What about a lovely denim cover for your old lampshades?
Or give your home a touch of unconventional look by adding delavée blue jeans pouf in some strategic corners?
How to do it?
Look at this tutorial and start to cut and sew

Cover image: a woman sits on a grass-made sofa in Frankfurt, western Germany, ph. by GettyImages

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