Organic is cool all over Italy and even more so in Milan
In the city of Expo, food is a hot trend right now.
Though the Milanese are busy people, they are nonetheless Italian and eating is very important indeed.
Especially healthy eating.
Here are the best organic markets in Milan where you can buy the freshest food directly from the producers.

Verziere: the trendiest organic market in Isola district

The new city district has completely changed the Milan’s panorama: skyscrapers, glass and steel, flashing lights in the night.
Yet locals still feel they belong to the same “little village” of a few years ago where everyone knew each other and was part of the community.
Is it thanks to the never-ending party atmosphere in the streets and squares? Or is it thanks to the intimate bars where young people stay up till late chatting and drinking?
Or perhaps it’s due to the small local street markets.
The Bio Verziere market is one of them and it opens every Saturday from 8.30 till 1 pm in Via de Castilla, Isola.
Locals and city folk come to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese, pasta, organic rice and jams. When asked everyone will tell you they come here for the highest quality organic and environmentally friendly products.

Mercato in giardino: happy people offer happy products

Looking for organic products in a fun atmosphere?
Head for Mercato in giardino in Via San Vittore,49 from 10 am to 6 pm on Thursdays.
Find top notch fruit and vegetables and chocolate delivered direct from Busto Arsizio prison.
Don’t miss the colourful bijoux made up of recycled dolls, typewriters and lego pieces.

Cascina Cuccagna, a 17th century farmhouse in the heart of Milan

Completely restored, come and visit Cascina Cuccagna starting from 3.30 pm till 8 pm every Tuesday. You’ll find a countryside market where farmers and craftsmen offer their products.
Tip: it’s best to go with friends as a visit to this market is a real social experience. Go with some colleagues after work, bring your kids, or meet your friends there and switch “happy hour” for a fun “shopping hour” at the organic market.
It’s in Via Cuccagna.

Organic products and art in Florence, the perfect mix.

Secret Garden – Noi per Voi

Secret Garden is a charity event to support the Children Hospital Meyer in Florence.
This year the main event is the organic market bringing together Italy’s top producers, all offering their best products from 5th-7th June.
The location is the hidden treasure of the “oltrano” area, Villa Bardini.
The event includes the market, workshops for kids (scarf painting with Ferragamo Designers, cooking with paper and colouring with child expert) and some workshops for adults as well.
Feeling hungry? Don’t forget to visit the food area to try the tastier organic snacks

Piazza Santo Spirito, organic shopping with the Renaissant architect Brunelleschi

Want to buy organic fruit and enjoy the charm of Renaissance art? Visit the Santo Spirito square every third Sunday of the month.
You can admire the Basilica by Brunelleschi and visit the Mercatino organized by the Fierucola association.
Each market has a different theme and different producers join in: there’s the honey and bee market, the bread market, the market of china amongst others.
Two stands are always available to inform people on:

  • Home rubbish compost
  • Produce and sharing seeds

Roma, caput mundi of organic markets.

Artichokes, puntarelle and a cooking show on piadina romagnola

At Mercato di Campagna Amica in via San Teodoro 74, (Circo Massimo) you can find some local specialities like the artichokes of Corti, the olives from Gaeta and even the tomato from Trevignano: that almost impossible to find red, round and flat tomato sending the most passionate fans of the Mediterranean cuisine into a frenzy.
Food workshops are also available but make sure you check out times and if you need to reserve a place.
The last workshop on piadina romagnola was fully booked in record time.

La Moretta-Rome’s oldest organic market

You’re in Rome and it’s the last Sunday of the month. You’re lucky!
Just go to Piazza Vicolo Moretta (via Giulia) and get lost in the oldest organic market of the capital.
Farmers and craftsmen from central Italy gather here to sell their products in a lively and colourful market full of wine, fruit, vegetables and cheese.
Why do we like it?

  • The principle of “from producer to consumer” is a must here
  • Craftsmen offer incredible works ranging from wood items to little pieces of jewelry

See more on Facebook at Mercato della Moretta

Cover image: ph. by ayngelina via flickr

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