This holiday season celebrate the romance and magic of Christmas visiting the Christmas markets all over Italy: find inspirations for your Christmas gifts

It’s Wintertime…. and that means that Christmas is almost upon us! And who’s not up for a tour of the irresistible Christmas markets? Here is a selection of the best, with something special and unique to add some sparkle to your Christmas shopping.

Mercato in Campo di Siena: Christmas in Tuscany

At Christmas time it’s time for “Mercato in Campo”, a medieval market reliving old traditions and arts and crafts.
You can find:

  • Pollaiolo – chicken and fowl seller
  • Fogliaiolo – the greens seller
  • Treccole – the badger

A full event calendar complements the festive atmosphere: free visits to the local museum late at night, music concerts, seminars for knitting fans and much more.

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Mercatino Natale di Tenno: a tour in the village basements

A more traditional Christmas market but with an added surprise: the Christmas stalls are in the basements of private houses.
If you are planning a visit to Lake Garda and its surroundings, don’t miss this Christmas market in Tenno on 7, 8, 14,15, 21 and 22 December.

Not to miss: Carne Salada– thin slices of beef meat.
Many locals say it’s better than the usual carpaccio. Try it and let us know!
And Peverada, a soup of meat broth, dried bread, cheese, and sausages.

Trieste: three markets in a row

The Christmas Market in Piazza Sant’Ambrogio is bustling with products from every part of the world.
Whether you’re looking for a delicious food specialty to impress your friends with, or that special bottle of wine to warm up your winter nights, there’s no doubt you’ll find them here.
Visit this market in Trieste from December 10th till 24th.
The Saint Nicolaus fair: this is Triste’s traditional Christmas market. It’s full of stands and events take place throughout the fair: street artists, fire eaters, musicians and more to cheer you up while shopping The Fair is open until Monday 8th December.
The French Market: this is a top Christmas market and a MUST for those who are passionate about their cheese. Let’s call it the “paradise for gourmand lovers”.
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Bozen: the largest Christmas market in South Tyrol

From November 27th more than 80 exhibitors will crowd the city streets and fill them with spicy perfumes and merry carols.
The highlight of this year is the spectacular setting specifically designed to recreate a wood right in the city center: the stands in the area around Palazzo Campofranco will be in the middle of trees and lush, green decorations. Christmas carols, bagpipes and music will put Bozen under a white Christmas spell. A real 360° experience!

Not to miss: Bozen Christmas market is the greenest market of the world. All waste is collected recycled where possible, and new trees planted to compensate for CO2 emissions.
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Castelrotto: with the Krampus on the Dolomites

The Alps of Siusi in the Dolomites is a closely guarded secret.
Castelrotto is a magic village in the Alps of Siusi, a remote destination in the Dolomites.
Time seems to have stopped here: a baroque clock tower, lanes, and fountains at every corner, very few cars and smiling people.
It is the perfect location for a Christmas village and its Christmas market.

Not to miss the Krampus parade.
A half beast half man, the Krampus is a villa in mythological creatures whose origin is lost in the winds of these remote valleys and peaks.
Some say they are the negative side of the generous and happy Santa Claus character: a kind of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
If you wish to add a little gothic mystery to your Christmas, this is the place for you!

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Ready to go for your Christmas shopping?

Cover image: ph. by Marc Hohenleitner, via flickr