More people on the same car means less pollution and less traffic. A smart way to reduce CO2 emissions from cars in our travels is the Carpooling.

Car sharing has grown a lot in recent years due to the diffusion of a lot of web services, including Apps that allow the meeting between who is looking for a ride and who offers a ride. It’s a easy way to know people, plan together your own trip, and cut travel costs, in a few clicks: just indicating the point of departure, arrival and time.
If we want to make available to our car we can do it free of charge, indicating the city and the way that we want to share.

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Also, if hitchhiking can be difficult, because you never know who will be the one that will offer you a pass, using carpool is much easier and safer. In fact, the possibilities offered by web services to know in advance information, reviews, and details about the person who offers you or ask you a pass, allows to overcome the normal distrust of strangers drivers.

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It’s estimated that thanks the Carpool, you can save up to 75% oil, depending on the destination and number of travelers. But in addition to the environmental benefits, there is an important savings to any traveler.

So, to reduce travel costs and adopt more sustainable behavior towards the environment, you only have to click!

Carpooling it’s a smart and convenient way to reduce CO2 emissions from our travels, but also to save!


Info: the main websites dedicated to Carpool in Italy:

Bla Bla Car




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