The one who approaches to the world of eco solidarity usually has the impression of having to undertake a long and arduous journey to preserve the environment .

This is not the truth: saving our planet is more simple than we think, we can start from the choice of sustainable holidays.

If you have not yet decided where to go for your New Year’s eve, know that you can stumble upon an incredible journey, authentic and relaxing, in Italy!

3 suggestions for a special New Year holidays in Italy, between fun and respect for the environment, wealth and ecology.


Say Happy New Year walking around in Umbria!

If you are planning your green holidays in central Italy for New Year, you can not overlook the possibility of going in Umbria. This region offers location surrounded by nature, with the possibility of relaxing walks among the trails in protected areas and natural parks.

In particular, the Slow Movement is an association that promotes itineraries on foot and by bike, in a relaxing, slow, sustainable way. It was therefore decided to celebrate the new year in a symbolic place: ” Panta Rei ” , the center of experience for education for sustainable development which is located in Passignano sul Trasimeno, Umbria . There will be a living laboratory , from December 28 to January 6 , wherein you can celebrate the new year with concrete gestures, sharing energy, talent, optimism, and especially actions.

Info: Panta Rei Eco Village

walking holyday, in Tuscany
Walking holyday, in Tuscany, photo by Angela Sebastianelli


A New Year’s Eve in an igloo for a night to Eskimo, in Cadore!

You do not need to go to Lapland to enjoy a night from Eskimo. The more adventurous can experience the thrill of a night under the ice around the corner of the house, or nearly so.

The Igloo Village Misurina is located in the heart of the Dolomites, in the nearby of Misurina, and offers the unique chance to sleep in a real home of ice . In the magical enchanted world of the Dolomites of Cadore, surrounded by a landscape of ice , you can sleep in a real igloo . You can head off on descents Snowrafting or trekking with snowshoes, participate in the construction of the igloo or the preparation of polenta in the Village. Finally, came the dark you can enjoy the arrival of the new year in a beautiful restaurant of the place, before retiring to your igloo ice.

A holiday to deal with a spirit of adventure, but also with peace of mind because it is provided a confortable way out: the hot room at the hotel for the whole duration of your stay. Visitors must dress in a thermal and waterproof clothing suitable for the snow and low temperatures. If you are curious you can also try to build your own igloo!

Info: Igloo Village Misurina

Do you prefer a romantic igloo surrounded by Alps landscape? Take a look of the Igloo Bella Vista, in Val Senales, South Tyrol (Italy).



New Year’s Eve in a truly sustainable village!

On top of a hill surrounded by 38 hectares of olive groves and oak woods , near the town of Umbertide, in the upper valley of the Tiber, you can spend an unforgettable New Year’s Eve… Why ?

Monestevole in the fifteenth century was the lookout tower to the nearby castle and over the centuries has undergone several architectural changes. It was used as a rural village and  it was abandoned in 1957; in 1997 Giottoli Alessio and Valeria Cancian bought it . After a three-year restoration, the structure becomes the Farm Monestevole, also equipped with a music recording studio. And then Tribewanted project arrived, working with Alessio and Valeria in Monestevole to create a sustainable community in Umbria, characterized by the use of renewable energy, biomass, water recycling and waste management, constructed wetlands, composting, permaculture, green building, a swimming pool biodynamic greenhouses and garden. What is produced here (fruits, vegetables, grains, meat, oil, wine, jams and honey) is local, seasonal and organic.

Why to spend a night there? Just for a vacation, to relax, to recharge energy, staying connected with nature (including horses, sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, peacocks, cats, dogs) and with simple things, to visit the towns and villages of art that are in the neighborhood …And then you can also participate and learn, having workshops organized for the realization of salami sausage and craft !

Info: Tribewanted Monestevole

Monestevole, Umbria, ph. by, via Flickr
Monestevole, Umbria, ph. by, via Flickr

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