Ecobnb is a journey undertaken to change the way we travel, to nurture a network that will thrive on the kind of tourism that respects nature, the economy and the local communities.

First, thank you! If you’ve decided to write an article on these pages in order to launch a discussion with our readers, the lines that follow will help you understand how you can do it.

Themes of the Guest Posts

On this site we discuss about sustainability and people that are changing the way people travel. We seek and value all the possibilities for responsible tourism, respectful of the environment, the economy and local communities.

The articles that we prefer are those that contain reflections on these themes, which stimulate constructive discussion or simply tell new stories that can add value by comparison.

Remember, however, that despite the overall quality of your contribution, some topics may be abused, or be large already addressed. For this we’ll want to contact us in advance to assess the actual effectiveness of the argument you’ve chosen.

An important note: Ecobnb doesn’t accept in any way purely promotional guest posts or press-release “disguised as article” with the sole purpose of exploiting this space to get cheap links. If you’re planning to purchase a banner space on these pages, you can write instead on Contact page or send us an email at info [at] We will be happy to start a partnership with you!


We believe that the ideal length of an article is the one that you feel necessary to convey the message. Therefore focus on writing effective articles rather than necessarily long.

Still, to have a kind of reference (absolutely non-binding), 500-700 words can be considered as the desired medium length.


To make understandable and stimulating graphically your article you’ll want to make use of internal headings 2, bulled lists and one or two images (see below). We ask you  to restrict the use of any outbound links and bolds.


You can supply as the main image for your article any image you think is adequate to support the content, provided with a size of 1170 x 490 pixels. Other images must be the size of at least 860 pixels.

You can send this via e-mail or indicating the link where we can download it. All the images must be free of copyright restrictions or distributed under Creative Commons Commercial (

We reserve the right not to accept the suggested images if they were not in line with the quality or ethics of our site. If however you were not able to find an adequate image to your article, don’t worry:  our staff will think about it.


Before publication, all articles are audited, the process in which it is made a minimum editing designed to correct any typos or syntax errors.

We would like to particularly stress that under no circumstances will modify the meaning of your article. If we fail to understand some passages in the article we’ll contact you privately to decide together what to change and where.

The aim is only to be able to make the profitable experience for both sides. By publishing an excellent post on these pages you’ll get visibility by writing a good piece, and we’ll be sure that our readers receive quality  and free of typos content.


We require that all contributions posted by guest writer on are provided exclusively. Publishing your article on our pages will warrant its originality and therefore agree not to republish it in the future or to have already published (in whole or in part) on other sites.


Each guest writer is recognized in the article by appropriate credits. You can submit with the article your avatar (you can register on and upload your picture), a short paragraph of presentation and one reference link. The link will be appear at the end of the article near the guest biography. No other external link is allowed in the text of the article.

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