Cobbled alleys, stone houses, and historic buildings embraced by gentle hills and dense forests: Gubbio is an essential destination for those choosing to visit Umbria. The town welcomes you like an open history book; strolling through its streets is like taking a step back in time, and its ancient walls guard secrets and tales of centuries past.

Gubbio and Surroundings: a Journey into the Green Heart of Umbria
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Gubbio is among the oldest cities in the entire region and still perfectly maintains its medieval appearance today. The charm of its alleys with exposed stone buildings and the many traces of its glorious past captivates visitors at first sight. But now it’s time to explore: let’s discover what to do and see in Gubbio during a slow and sustainable vacation.

What to see in Gubbio, among squares and palaces

You’ll love exploring this town on foot! It’s absolutely perfect for a leisurely stroll and taking in all the sights and sounds. Immersing yourself in its narrow streets means fully savoring its medieval atmosphere. Moreover, you can use the available elevators to move easily between the different levels of the village.

Piazza Grande, Gubbio.
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An ideal place to begin your exploration is Piazza Grande. Also known as Piazza della Signoria, it is one of the most incredible architectural gems of the village. It is a suspended square that overlooks the city, offering an unparalleled view. On its sides stand the city’s palaces: Palazzo Pretorio, the Town Hall, and Palazzo dei Consoli, now home to the Civic Museum and the Municipal Art Gallery. What surprises you the most, however, is the panoramic terrace that allows you to admire the underlying roofs of the city and the surrounding countryside. Take all the time you need to fill your eyes with all this beauty.

To reach the square, you can use an elevator located in Via della Repubblica.

Gubbio's Cathedral
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Another must-see stop is the Cathedral, located in the historic center in front of the Ducal Palace and its beautiful gardens. At the foot of the city lies the church of San Francesco. It is said that Francis was welcomed here after leaving his father’s house and all his possessions.

Unusual cable car in Gubbio
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In Gubbio, you can also experience something unusual. From the center of the village, you can climb Mount Ingino thanks to a cable car consisting of small iron cages hanging from a wire. During the 6-minute ascent and once you reach your destination, the view is, once again, breathtaking. On the mountaintop stands the Basilica of Sant’Ubaldo.

The famous fountain of Gubbio
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You can’t leave Gubbio without becoming as crazy as the locals! After all, this is known as the city of madmen. In front of the Bargello Palace, you will find a fountain. Walk around it three times and then, with its water, wet yourself in front of a local citizen, and you too will obtain the “madman license“.

Roman Theater in Gubbio
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Just outside the walls, you can also visit the Roman Theater.

The surroundings of the charming city of Gubbio

The surroundings of the charming city of Gubbio
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Gubbio will captivate you with its ancient charm, stone houses, and authentic flavors – don’t forget to stop at a local tavern! – but don’t stop at the village. Explore its surroundings: nature will surprise you in many ways.

The suggestive gorges of Bottaccione represent a perfect destination for an out-of-town getaway. This deep gorge, shaped by the erosion of the Carmignano stream, encloses an ancient medieval aqueduct. In its heart stands the Monastery of Sant’Ambrogio, a hermitage from the 1300s near a prehistoric Paleolithic citadel.

Monte Cucco Regional Park
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The Monte Cucco Regional Park is the perfect destination for a day in pristine nature. From paragliding flights to family hikes to exploring caves with a depth of 900 meters: the area offers endless possibilities.

An eco-friendly stay to reconnect with nature

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Gubbio and its surroundings are a true paradise for travelers seeking authenticity, history, and beauty. Whether you have a passion for art, nature, or gastronomy, this destination will captivate you with its unique charm. And if you add the experience of a stay at Bagno di Bosco, your vacation becomes truly something unique and unforgettable.