Crystal-clear water and wild promontories overlooking the sea: Southern Albania offers true natural gems, making it the perfect destination for sea and snorkeling enthusiasts. This region is becoming more and more popular, so we recommend visiting during the quieter periods. June and September is ideal, avoiding the peak of mass tourism. Read on to discover the 5 most beautiful beaches in Southern Albania!

1. Pulebharda Beach, among breathtaking seabed and white pebbles

Pulebharda Beach, a beautiful beach with crystal-clear waters
Pulebharda Beach in the South of Albania, photo by Amanda Passerini

Situated between Ksamil and Saranda, Pulebharda Beach is a genuine natural paradise. The beach is accessible by car, but it’s recommended to take the bus and continue on foot along a 20-minute trail, surrounded by small forests and lulled by the sounds of nature. The beach consists of pure white pebbles, and the seafloor features some rocky outcrops, providing an ideal habitat for various fish species, sea urchins, and mollusks. This is the perfect spot for those who enjoy snorkeling and swimming in crystal-clear waters!

2. Gjipe Beach: Dive into Wild Southern Albania

Gjipe beach in South Albania
Gjipe Beach in Himara, photo via Unsplash

Not far from the renowned Dhermi Beach, Gjipe Beach offers visitors a pristine sea surrounded by the wildest nature. This place is known for its challenging accessibility, but this is precisely what makes it breathtaking. You can reach the bay by taking a boat or a kayak from Jala Beach, a few kilometers away. Alternatively, if you enjoy hiking, you can take a simpler path of about 30 minutes or embark on a more adventurous journey, trekking through rugged forests and crossing the Gjipe Canyon.

3. Pasqyra Beach, Better Known as the “Mirror Beach”

View of Pasqyra Beach, the "Mirror Beach" in Southern Albania
“Mirror Beach”, photo by Amanda Passerini

Pasqyra Beach is just 3 km from Pulebharda Beach and is one of the most popular beaches in Southern Albania. It’s quite easy to see why: soft sand, a stunning cliff overlooking the sea, and crystal-clear, iridescent water have earned the name “Mirror Beach”. As a well-known beach, it is usually quite crowded, so we recommend visiting early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise spectacle and a few hours of quite sea time.

4. The Wonderful Krorez Beach: Between Boats and Turquoise Waters

View of Krorez Beach
Krorez Beach, photo by Amanda Passerini

Krorez Beach is located in the Lukova area. It will immediately captivate you with its transparent turquoise water: so clear that you can see pebbles on the seabed even several meters from the shore. The beach quickly deepens, making it ideal for taking a direct plunge into the sea. What sets it apart from other beaches is that it’s accessible only by boat, making it a hidden paradise that’s much less crowded than other beaches in the area.

5. The Island of Tongo in Ksamil

Aerial view of Tongo Island in Ksamil, one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern Albania
Tongo Island, view from above, photo by Unsplash

Being very close to the Ksamil Peninsula, the Island of Tongo is a breathtaking destination for a boat trip and a day of relaxation. Its soft sand makes it suitable for families too. The island boasts rich flora and underwater life waiting to be explored with a mask and snorkel!

Cover photo via Unsplash: Ksamil Beach in Southern Albania.

Original article written by Amanda Passerini

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