Finding the most eco-friendly mode of transportation can be difficult, as it often depends on the circumstances. However, most people can tell which mode of transport will harm the environment the most. Throughout this article, we discuss the top six eco-friendly transportation choices for reducing your carbon footprint.

Bike or Electric Bike

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If you’re only traveling to work or a short distance, then a pedal-powered bike is one of the most eco-friendly methods around there because it relies on nothing but your own muscles. Alternatively, if you’d like a little boost, you could use an electric bike, which uses a subtle electric-powered engine to boost your peddling efforts. Regardless of which type of bike you use, you’ll have a much lower carbon footprint already.

Electric Vehicles

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The motor world is pushing towards electric vehicles, with the likes of Lamborghini recently selling its last-ever gas-powered supercar. The move is positive because electric vehicles contribute much less to global warming, which immediately reduces your carbon footprint.

Electric vehicles are often associated with typical road cars, but there are plenty of other options. Depending on your location, you may be able to buy an electric-powered golf cart and make it road-legal. Not only will these vehicles get you from A to B with low power costs, but the repairs and maintenance are also extremely cheap. For example, when the time comes to replace worn out golf cart tires, you can find new ones online for as little as $48.95.


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The majority of trams in 2023 rely on electric power or renewable energy sources, so they make for a convenient way to get around town. As well as this, most tram schedules feature regular departures, meaning you’ll never be waiting around too long.


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Getting around sometimes means using cars, which do add to your carbon footprint. However, a large issue is with how cars are being used. For example, you and your friends are all going to the same place and four of you decide to drive. Each car releases harmful fumes and burns through petrol or diesel. Collectively, you can reduce your carbon footprint if only one of you drives and the rest become passengers.


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If you need to travel between cities, then trains are a more eco-friendly method than taking the car. Thanks to their large capacity and ability to pack people inside like sardines, they can reduce greenhouse gases while still allowing people to travel.

When the BBC looked into how much more eco-friendly the Eurostar is than other options, they found that only 6g of CO2 was emitted for every 1 kilometer. When compared to cars, it was found they release around 171g of CO2 per passenger for every km, so it’s clear that taking the train is much more eco-friendly.


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If you’ve got a long journey ahead of you, you might need a little more than a bike or tram. A great mode of transport is the bus, which will still use fuel to get around but it’ll be much less than cars. When you’re traveling by train you’re one of many passengers traveling long distances, which means less congestion on the road, less air pollution, and less CO2 being released.

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling, always see if there’s a better method than piling straight into your car. For example, if it’s within a practical cycling distance, then invest in a pushbike and quit using gas altogether. When there’s no alternative to using the car, see if there’s anyone you know heading to the same place and offer them a spot as a passenger.