Located near Trasimeno Lake, in the heart of Italy, the Relais Borgo Torale is the ideal place if you want to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a sustainable trip. We interviewed Roberto Salvetti, owner of the Relais, to tell us the history of the hamlet. He will also illustrate the itineraries not to be missed and the measures adopted to become more eco-friendly.

How was Relais Borgo Torale born?

The Relais was created by renovating those houses once inhabited by the peasants at the service of the Marquis Ruggero Ranieri Bourbon dei Monti di Sorbello. Renovation work began in 1993 and finished in 1997. In 1993, the Ministry for Cultural Assets and Environments recognized the hamlet.

photos of Borgo Torale, the ancient hamlet who became a Relais
Borgo Torale, the ancient hamlet who became a Relais

What good environmental practices have you adopted?

Our good environmental practices include:

  • the ban of pesticides for removing the weeds growing in the cobbled alleways;
  • the use of electricity produced from 100% renewable energy sources;
  • the use of drainage systems in bathrooms with water minimization;
  • the use of LED lamps both outside and inside, for all forms of lighting;
  • the requirement for guests to use recycling bins;
  • the use of jet diffusers or flow reducers, both for sinks and basins, to reduce water waste.
the nature that surrounds Relais Borgo Torale
View of the nature surrounding Relais Borgo Torale

What do your guests like the most?

Our guests admire the view, as well as the beauty and the charm of the hamlet.

In particular, they like the feeling of overall well-being and peace they perceive, but also the short distance, albeit by car, from the neighbouring villages.

Moreover, they appreciate the nature surrounding the hamlet and its proximity to famous art cities and Tuscany.

view of a bedroom and the pool of Relais Borgo Torale
Bedroom and pool of Relais Borgo Torale

What are the unmissable slow itineraries, for example on foot or by bicycle, in the surroundings of the Relais Borgo Torale?

There are countless itineraries: on foot, with many trails marked by the Italian Alpine Club, but also by bicycle, along the panoramic ridge that connects Tuoro sul Trasimeno and Castel Rigone or along the ring cycle that runs for about 60 km on the shores of the Trasimeno Lake.

The nature surrounding Borgo Torale allows many itineraries on foot and by bicycle

How do you communicate your green philosophy to your guests?

At check-in, we explain not only the history of this rural village, but also the practices we adopt to preserve and respect the environment.

We want to have the opportunity to meet guests with a high degree of environmental awareness, and especially we want to take cues from their behaviours to improve ours.

view of Borgo Torale
View of Borgo Torale

In this guest house you will experience the magic of living in an ancient hamlet, that is always in step with every innovation in terms of sustainability and comfort. What are you waiting for? The Relais Borgo Torale opens its doors to a fabulous eco-sustainable stay!

Author: Amanda Passerini

Hi! I’m Amanda, a 20-year-old student of Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation in Forlì, Italy. I love languages because they allow me to travel and discover the world from different perspectives. When I need to recharge my batteries, I retreat into nature: I enjoy long walks in the fresh air and taking care of my pets!
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