When it comes to planning a fun vacation for the whole family or just yourself, there are a number of logistics that must be taken into account. Most people focus on the monetary aspects of travel, such as hotel booking costs or which activities to partake in, yet they neglect the smaller aspects of planning. 

One such common example that is often left out of planning is luggage storage when you are just stopping into a city or laying over for a little bit. Many people choose to car their luggage everywhere they go, despite a myriad of dangers and nuisances that can come from this. Learn everything there is to know about using a luggage storage service and how it can simplify your vacation planning. 

What is a Luggage Storage Service? 

Despite being prominent in many parts of the world, few travelers have actually heard of what luggage storage is. Luggage storage services are companies which offer to hold your luggage securely, typically for an hourly or daily fee, while you go out and explore the destination. These luggage storage services have the ability to hold your luggage for days, if needed, and they are completely secure. 

How Much Do Luggage Storage Services Cost? 

One of the primary reasons that luggage storage services should be utilized by all travelers is due to the low cost they offer. The average luggage storage service may be as cheap as a couple of dollars per day, with the price fluctuating slightly depending on the country and specific area that a person is in. This makes them extremely affordable ways of securing luggage. 

5 Benefits to Using Luggage Storage Services

While the idea of leaving your luggage with a company may be a little daunting at first, there are five primary benefits that make utilizing a luggage storage service both safe and an excellent choice: 

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Photo by Sandor Somkuti via Flickr

1. You have free hands to explore your destination

Naturally, nobody wants to be walking around an entire city with multiple bags in their hands. In Spain, for example, a person can enjoy Barcelona’s best experiences without the weight of luggage by simply dropping their items off at an approved area. This makes transportation and walking both easier and cheaper. 

2. You don’t have to worry about potential theft

A major problem in other countries is theft, which is why leaving your luggage behind is so smart. Having luggage on you might potentially turn you into a target for a thief or mugger, but this is something you don’t need to worry about if you lock up your luggage. Additionally, you won’t need to keep one eye on your luggage at all times, which means you can take in more of the sights as you explore. 

3. You can explore more destinations than you normally would

Building off of the first benefit on this list, having luggage on your person means that you may not be able to enter certain areas, such as museums. This means you’re leaving a large number of amazing destinations unvisited on your journey, simply because you have luggage on hand. By dropping it off, you can gain access to these areas and see more of your destination. 

4. You can save on potential fees

Leaving your luggage with train companies, or other similar travel organizations can be extremely expensive for just a short amount of time if you have a layover. However, by utilizing luggage storage services a person can cut down on some of these fees and reduce their overall cost of vacationing. 

5. You will have more money for your travels

Finally, one of the biggest benefits luggage storage services have to offer is that they allow a person more money for travel. By cutting costs on storage fees, a person can take the money they would have spent on this expense and throw it towards other expenses such as food or activity costs. 

Enhance your travel experience today

Planning a fun vacation that is low stress requires taking the time to think about both the small and large details of your trip. Don’t solely focus on what hotel you’ll be staying in or which activities you will be taking part in each day. Instead, also focus on the smaller items such as where you will keep your luggage while you are exploring your amazing destination. Using a luggage storage service can free you up for exploration while also saving you money that can be used on other parts of your trip.