A research shows that gardening helps children to stay healthy

Gardening is good for children's health

The Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior has just published a research on the impact of gardening on children, discovering many benefits, including on their health.

The experiment was carried out in four schools in California that adopted a program to improve the well-being of the youngest, growing a vegetable garden in the schools by 9-10 year old students.

Gardening is good for children's health

So 400 small gardeners sowed, groomed, watered fruit and vegetables that were then cooked both in the school chest and in the children’s home.
The results were amazing: scientists reported significant improvements in children engaged in gardening.
Body mass index (BMI) and weight-height ratio are improved. In the group where there were overweight or obese children there was a drop from 55.6 percent to 37.8.

In addition to combating the serious problem of childhood obesity, gardening gives free vent to the fantasy of the little ones, helps to relax and teaches the rules of a good and healthy nutrition.

Gardening is good for children's health

Even holidays can be the right time to spend a few hours in nature, picking up the products directly from the garden. At this link you can find beautiful and suggestive farmhouses where to dive in nature and work in the fields together with your kids.

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