Any special occasion in sight and still zero ideas? Why not to choose green and sustainable gifts to surprise the people you love, but having an eye for the planet?

Finding environmentally friendly gifts is not easy, but it is a gesture from which can begin a real change of lifestyle. We often talk about sustainability and respect for the environment, but, even without realizing it, in everyday life we make choices that end up having a negative impact on the planet. Therefore, for inverting the route we can start from our daily habits.

Here are some perfect ideas for a green gift!

Green Travel Experience

green gifts: an ecobnb gift card
The ecobnb gift card

To give up any kind of packaging or gifts that simply risk ending up in a corner of the house, why not give time to spend together? Gifts don’t always have to be physically tangible. The perfect gift could be a nice trip, for example, an ecological and sustainable experience.

The perfect solution? The Ecobnb travel gift card for a completely eco-sustainable stay. Who receives the gift card can choose from thousands of ecological hospitality and green experiences unique throughout Italy and the world, from the tree house to the hotel in an ancient village.

Ideal green gift for: those who love to travel

A Pencil To Plant

a pencil you can plant and grow a plant
Photo by Lucas George Wendt on Unsplash

The idea behind this pencil is really simple: once it becomes too short to be used, instead of throwing it you give it new life. At the end opposite the tip is a biodegradable capsule that contains seeds. Just plant the pencil in a pot and take care of it: the flowers or plants will begin to grow after about a month.

Ideal green gift for: those going to school or who love to write

Green Gifts: The Water Bottle

green gifts: the water bottle
Photo by Bluewater Sweden on Unsplash

Why do you always use plastic bottles that you throw away? Much better to choose a more sustainable alternative, such as a steel water bottle. You can use it as often as you want, fill it with water, tea or herbal teas at your leisure and always take it with you, whether it is at school or at work

Perfect green gift for: those who live their days away

Green Gifts: A Forest to Adopt

green gifts: gift a forest with the ecobnb gift card
gift a forest with the ecobnb gift card

A very symbolic gift is to give a forest. Adopting a tree is a way to help the environment and safeguard biodiversity, so why not dedicate a tree to the people you love? Instead of the usual banal gifts, this could be a decidedly innovative idea to surprise someone.

Ecobnb offers you the opportunity to give away a forest in Italy that will become secular.

Perfect green gift for: those who love nature

Solar Charger

a solar charger
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Unlike a normal power bank, a solar charger uses the energy of sunlight. With this gift you can surprise those friends who always have their smartphone, tablet or pc unloaded… They won’t even have to remember to charge the power bank!

Ideal green gift for: that friend who always has a dead phone

A Bicycle

green gifts: a bicycle for nature lovers
Photo by Rizki Yulian on Unsplash

A bicycle is another example of a perfectly green gift. Perfect especially for those people who like to stay in outdoors and who have a passion for two-wheeled pedals!

Ideal green gift for: those who have a passion for two wheels

The Tote Bag

a tote bag, a bag you can reuse multiple times
Photo by Annisa Ica on Unsplash

It can be used on any occasion and always with style. The canvas bag, or tote bag, is a cloth bag that you can take anywhere, practical and fashionable.

Ideal green gift for: style lovers

Ebook Reader

an ebook reader, so that you can read all your favorite books
Photo by Spencer on Unsplash

If instead, you have to give a gift to a person who devours books on books, then why not consider an Ebook Reader as a gift? Convenient and practical, you can always take it with you. You can load multiple books there, reducing the use of paper and safeguarding the environment.

Ideal green gift for: those who love reading

Card with Seeds to Plant

a card with seeds you can plant
Photo by Kate Macate on Unsplash

To round off your gift, you might choose to include a different ticket. One idea may be to use, or even create, a card with seeds inside to plant. I mean, it would be like a gift in the gift…

Ideal green gift for: that friend with a green thumb

Ecological Gift Packages

ecological gift packages
Image by Yvette Fang from Pixabay

If you want to take care of the environment and avoid waste, then you could use ecological gift packages. Reuse old cartons, wrapping paper or newsprint, and embellish it to your liking, making it even the most personal gift.

Cover Image: Photo by Ekaterina Shevchenko on Unsplash

Author: Kristal Annali

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