Finding an internship is not always easy for most students. Some even consider it mission impossible. This quest raises many questions: which door to knock on? Which search engine to use? How to apply? The few paragraphs below deliver the best actions to take to find an interesting internship. Of course, this will take up a lot of your time, so consider getting an essay writer to help you with your assignments

Clearly Define Your Goals

Before starting the research, it is important to determine its objectives clearly. For example, sending dozens of applications to companies found randomly in directories is not recommended. By doing so, there will be little chance of being contacted. In this case, what to do?

We must consider several criteria and ask ourselves: is it an observation internship, a compulsory internship, or a short or long-term internship? By analyzing these different elements, the student can move forward. In addition, the young graduate must take the time to define the professional project that fits their personality and background. Making a list of his professional skills, his personal strengths and knowing what you really want will help him considerably to find the training that meets his expectations.

Refine Your Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter

Is it really necessary to have an impressive CV? This document, written with particular care, will certainly open the doors. Indeed, it is the first image that the company will have of the candidate. It is also an essential selection filter. So you have to make sure it catches the eye. The layout should be clear. All the elements that will be mentioned in the CV are to be taken into account. Nevertheless, it is completely inadvisable to lie and claim to have a qualification that one does not have in the document.

The internship request is always preceded by a cover letter. The latter demonstrates the student’s desire to obtain the internship in question. Therefore, it is necessary to respect a few rules to write it. Whether handwritten or typed, it must be kept in good condition and adapted to each company. Stains, erasures, and spelling errors are to be banned. The same is true for the models offered on the Internet. As for the paragraphs, they are to be distinguished. In general, the structure of the letter includes the header, the introduction, the argument, the call to action, and the conclusion. Furthermore, the person concerned must always keep in mind that their cover letter should make the difference between dozens of candidates.

Define your cv
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Find Internship Offers

Internship offers abound. They are also very varied. Specialized sites and those companies are excellent leads. Specialized sites are platforms on which thousands of firms submit their internship offers. That is why many students use it. Note that they are very numerous, and each has its specificities. For example, some sites offer an internship by city or by sector. Others even allow the candidate to submit a CV for recruiters to see. However, we must remain vigilant. Some people just want to scam candidates. And as mentioned above, it is necessary to eliminate the uninteresting offers to select only those which correspond to its criteria.

Some companies’ websites have the “Career” or “Recruitment” section where it is possible to submit a CV. The human resources managers will then consult the latter. But, of course, not all internship offers are communicated on recruitment sites. That is why you need to broaden your horizons.

Go to Job Forums

Trade forums and trade fairs for professionals are also great opportunities to find internships. Indeed, for the student, it will be an opportunity to establish a link with a company of his choice. It will also be the perfect time to stand out and catch the attention of recruiters. It goes without saying that before going to these shows, it is essential to prepare and develop an argument that can convince them. The student will bring many CVs that he will deposit on each stand held by the companies. He will dress appropriately for the position requested. Finding out about the different companies that will be present at the forum in question may be necessary.

Inquire With Alumni, Friends, and Family

One of the best ways to find an internship is to mobilize those around you. Getting information from former graduates and relatives can put the student on the right track. The right people know the training courses they took and the type of internship they need. Do not hesitate to send them a short email presenting the subject of the request and availability. This decision can help to find out about offers that are not displayed publicly.

In any case, it is advisable to plan the search well. To do this, it is recommended to take note of the names of the companies already contacted, their email addresses, and the answers given by the people responsible for recruitment. It will prevent the candidate from sending their application twice to the same company.

Lastly, Create a Profile on Professional Networks

LinkedIn is an ideal showcase for approaching companies. Creating a profile on this platform can ensure perfect visibility. To achieve this, you have to optimize your profile and connect with a list of students doing an internship similar to the student’s aspirations. Also, the profile must be active. A nice image highlighting the candidate with a powerful title will undoubtedly affect recruiters. Take the time to appropriately fill in the “Training” and “Professional experience” fields. Finally, do not forget to publish posts. These will give credibility to the candidate and even allow him to be recommended.

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