Aveyron: a French destination immersed in the nature of the Grand Causses

If you love holidays in the heart of nature, Aveyron is the ideal destination: a french region located in the heart of the Grands Causses Regional Natural Park. Characterized by unspoiled nature, it offers different landscapes, historical monuments, and local traditions. There are valleys, mountains, and lakes: a perfect place for outdoor activities or relaxation.

Here you can taste typical cuisines, such as aligot or Roquefort cheese, and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of festivals and celebrations. There are also numerous sports and activities that you can practice in Aveyron: walking, hiking, adventures, climbing, horse riding, fishing, water sports, recreational activities, and much more.

Aveyron, photo by Wikimedia

What to see

Rodez, the capital, has the title of “city of art and history” and is a mix of tradition and modernity. Here you can visit the Soulages Museum, an architecture within a big park, where you can admire various galleries and exhibitions. Besides, you can see the Cathedral, the Bishop’s Palace and the Armagnac house in the old town. There is also a market on Wednesdays and Saturdays, where you can taste regional specialties and perhaps have a picnic by the river.

The Millau viaduct is the highest bridge (343 m) and crosses the Tarn valley. There is a viewpoint where you can admire the structure, which is very close to Millau, a city of art and history. Besides, 7 km from Millau is Peyre, on the right shore of the Tarn river. Here you can visit a church of Romanic origin and villages with a Mediterranean atmosphere.

Viaduct millau
Viaduct millau, photo by Flickr

The Grands Causses Park

This natural park covers a third of the Aveyron department and it is one of the largest parks in France. The territory consists of limestone plateaus, gorges, hills, and mountains covered by forests. Part of the park is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In the park, you can find a variety of flora and fauna. For example, you can find golden eagles, peregrine falcons, deer, roe deer, owls, beavers, and many other species. The symbol of the region, however, is the sheep: its milk is used to make Roquefort, the region’s famous cheese

Besides the region has numerous paths that are perfect for trekking. This activity will give you an opportunity to admire the park’s enchanting rural heritage, composed of watering holes for animals, sheepfolds, and stone huts built by shepherds and farmhouses. Besides there are didactic panels and orientation boards along the hiking routes, that will allow you to enjoy breathtaking views.

Where to sleep green

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