The houses overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the narrow streets of the Borgo Antico, which from its promontory seems to want to dive into the blue, the trabucchi at sunset, the Castle… the city of Termoli amazes at every step and those who decide to visit it will not be able to do anything but falling in love with it.

Termoli between sea, beaches and green accommodations: your sustainable holiday in Molise
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Today we are going to discover one of Molise‘s jewels, a lively, rich in history, fascinating and authentic city, a seaside town that still maintains a genuine and romantic character.
The combination of enchanting beaches, an always clear sea and a rich historical-cultural heritage make Termoli an ideal destination for everyone, for a holiday of discovery and relaxation.

What to do and see in Termoli

Cathedral of Santa Maria della Purificazione
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Termoli is a small town, yet it offers so much. A journey to discover this locality can only start from the Borgo Antico, the historic heart of the city. Developed on a small promontory overlooking the sea, it is an enchanting intertwining of streets and alleys that holds some unmissable gems. For example, there is the cathedral square, where the beautiful Cathedral of Santa Maria della Purificazione is located. In Romanesque style, it houses the relics of the patron saint Basso and Saint Timoteo, to whom the people of Termoli are deeply devoted and attached.

Staying in the historic center we find another iconic place in the city: someone says it is the narrowest alley in the world, even if there’s a debate with Ripatransone. Certainly, La Rejecélle is very narrow and you can barely pass through it!

Swabian Castle, Termoli
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We move a little away from the Borgo Antico to arrive at another of Termoli’s symbol. It is the Swabian Castle, an ancient Norman fortress that dominates the coast with an imposing wall. Do not miss a walk on the walkways of the fortress, thus enjoying an incredible view of the sea with which the city has a sacred and indissoluble bond. But the most beautiful view can be enjoyed from Piazza di Sant’Antonio: from here the view reaches as far as Vasto and the Punta Penna lighthouse.

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In the evening, the most fascinating spectacle is perhaps that of the trabucchi, typical and ancient fishing machines connected to the mainland by a footbridge. The fishermen still use some of them!

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Then there are the beaches, which have been awarded several times for their clear water. They are perfect for relaxing as you deserve. You can choose between the beach of Sant’Antonio, near the castle, and that of Rio Vivo, in the south.

The flavors of the city

The cuisine of Termoli tells of the close relationship of the city with the sea, first of all, but also with the rich and varied territory that surrounds it. ‘U bredette is the typical fish soup of the area, made of mixed fish and embellished with ripe tomatoes, sweet peppers, parsley, garlic and chilli. Then there are the delicious mullets, octopusesin purgatory”, cuttlefish and peas; all embellished with olive oil produced on the nearby hills.

Your green stay in Termoli

An eco-friendly B&B in Termoli

Just outside the city center of Termoli, in a location surrounded by greenery that offers a beautiful sea view, you can find Dimora EFFE. The accommodation has made sustainability and social responsibility its greatest commitment. Powered by a photovoltaic system, furnished with natural materials and without the use of plastic, the B&B is the ideal choice for a stay in this city of Molise. The rooms are welcoming and well organized, the breakfast consists of organic and local products.

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