Water that flows from the heart of the earth, water that embraces you and warms you: the thermal waters are like a real natural beauty treatment, with countless benefits for both our body and our mind.

The benefits of thermal waters
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Known since ancient times, the thermal waters have a temperature ranging from 20 to 63 degrees and a different chemical composition depending on the place, but always beneficial. Sulfur, iodine, chlorine, iron, bicarbonate, magnesium and other microelements have in fact therapeutic virtues and have always helped man to regain balance, well-being and health.

For example, the thermal waters have a recognized anti-inflammatory action and help in cases of rehabilitation and chronic diseases that affect the joints, they are recommended in the presence of respiratory tract disorders, they strengthen the immune system. But still, the thermal waters can reduce blood pressure, help the skin thanks to the exfoliating and moisturizing properties and help in fighting stress states, also improving the quality of sleep.

Recover your well-being
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In short, the thermal waters have extraordinary powers and are one of the many weapons that nature gives us to regain well-being. And now more than ever we need it. Here you can find 5 wonderful spa towns in Italy. Let’s go!

Caderzone Terme, the thermal waters of Val Rendena

Caderzone Terme seems at first sight a typical Trentino village, with its stone and wooden houses and breathtaking nature all around. But this small town is even more magical. Here, in the heart of Adamello Brenta Park, the thermal waters of the spring known as “Fonte San Antonio” gush out. It is a ferruginous mineral water which is used for the treatment of respiratory disorders, chronic sinusitis and dermatological diseases. The Borgo Salute spa has an agreement with the National Health Service and also has a wellness area open to all.

Your green stay: in Caderzone Terme you can spend an eco-sustainable holiday in the name of water, health and mountains by staying at the Hotel Regina Elena with its organic restaurant or at the Palazzo Lodron Bertelli Hotel housed in a suggestive historic residence.

Bagno di Romagna, in the National Park of the Casentinesi Forests

Bagno di Romagna
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Bagno di Romagna lies on the Apennines and is the temple of well-being, of slow rhythms, of the warmth of a small mountain community. Its thermal waters flow at a temperature of 45 degrees and thus offer the opportunity to immerse yourself in hot water in any season. There are three spas, each perfect for discovering the decongestant and anti-inflammatory properties of these waters.

Your green stay: in this spa village you can book a room in La Fattoria dell’Autosufficienza, a truly unique ecological farmhouse!

The natural springs of Prè-Saint-Didier, in Val D’Aosta

The natural springs of Prè-Saint-Didier, in Val D'Aosta
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Looking at Mont Blanc massif while immersed in thermal waters: in Pré-Saint-Didier you can do it. The natural springs of this enchanting Val d’Aosta village flow in a cave at the base of a waterfall near the thermal establishment dating back to 1834. The water, at 36 degrees, facilitates circulation, muscle movements, while making the skin soft and silky.

Your green stay: in a hamlet of Pré-Saint-Didier there’s the B&B Lo Queur di Mont Blanc, between the scent of hay and the silence of the woods.

The thermal waters of Sant’Omobono Terme near Bergamo

In Sant'Omobono Terme, in the Bergamo area, you will find thermal waters and archaeological remains
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We move to the beautiful Imana Valley, in Lombardy, where there is a lot of opportunities for trekking, mountain biking or horseback riding. But Sant’Omobono is famous above all for its sulphurous thermal waters, among the oldest in Italy. The spa, which also has an agreement with the NHS, is especially indicated for treating pathologies of the respiratory system, the gastro-intestinal system and otolaryngological pathologies.

Your green stay: not too far from the spa village, you can stay at the B&B Botton d’Oro, an accommodation that care for the environment and the territory.

The Euganean Baths of Abano Terme

Abano Terme
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Finally, here is Abano Terme, a town in the province of Padua and one of the most important spas in Europe. Here the thermal waters are scattered throughout the territory and for this reason there are many facilities that offer wellness programs that involve their use. For ear diseases as well as for stress, rheumatism, arthrosis or vascular diseases: Abano Terme is the perfect destination to get back on track.

Your green stay: even if there is no eco-friendly hospitality in Abano Terme, you have several options in the surrounding area. The B&B La Mugletta is the closest one and it awaits you with an enchanting garden and a structure that fits harmoniously with the landscape.


Do you know any other village with thermal waters?