Modern education is rapidly transforming its conventional format. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all the instructions are delivered through the Internet now, so students don’t have to leave their homes and attend institutions to learn something new. They have become more independent since it’s not required to be in a certain place at a specific time. Remote studying added more flexibility in students’ lives, which made the education more accessible for individuals that don’t have the possibility to attend classes. These are only a few advantages of distance learning available now. Let’s consider some more of them below!

What’s special about modern education?

online education
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As was mentioned above, students have much freedom today. They can learn wherever they are, without going to school or college at an allocated time. This also means that it’s not necessary to sacrifice a large amount of time on everyday commuting. Students are finally allowed to learn from the comfort of their own homes.

What’s more, online studying lets everyone maximize learning with the help of a tailored schedule. How does it work? For example, you know that you can be more productive early in the morning. Hence, you can use this part of the day to work on your tasks and devote the rest of the day to something else. This way, you get able to retain information much better and make the most out of your day.

Students often struggle to thrive in classrooms just because this format is not effective for them. Some individuals find learning at school a problem as they feel under pressure while being surrounded by teachers and peers. This is especially a big issue for most introverts who absorb information much better when they are on their own. But remote learning enables different study approaches, so modern education helps students achieve better outcomes.

Essay examples about Progressive Era

The changes that are taking place nowadays resemble those that happened during the Progressive Era. The alterations occurring at that time shaped the new world just the way it’s happening now due to the pandemic. According to the information in essay examples provided by Eduzaurus, online education leads to major shifts in society, similar to those occurring at the beginning of the 20th century. Experts say that the transformations happening in our lives today are in large shaping our thinking and behavior. We need to accept brand new norms and adapt to current circumstances, which means that a new time is coming.

Museums in today’s world

Museums in today's world
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The role of museums in today’s world can’t be overestimated. In fact, museums are even more important now than a few years ago since they can address acute social issues triggered by the pandemic. They may also shape our society, which is really necessary now. As you may understand, the Coronavirus disrupted a sense of community in people and made many of us feel lonely. Luckily, museums can bring individuals together by demonstrating a collective heritage, which gives them a valuable feeling of belonging to a group.

Innovative digitalization

Online Museum Guggenheim, New York
Online Museum Guggenheim, New York

The rapid rise of technology over the last few decades has questioned what the museum really is. Innovations transform the museum to improve both educational and practical aspects of the museum experience. Since the COVID-19 pandemic made it almost impossible to visit public areas, the question is whether a museum can work online only. Managing directors are also wondering if museum’s digital content can entirely replace physical exhibitions. Many questions about museum innovations remain unanswered.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of online resources considered to be museums. For example, there is the Tucson LGBTQ Museum, which exhibitions can be accessed on the web. People can see objects and artifacts of the LGBT movement that have been collected since 1967. This online museum provides historical content for research and creates a great community space.
Another online museum, which is also more technologically advanced, is the Internet Museum based in Sweden. It was designed in 2014 to document the history of the internet and preserve Sweden’s digital heritage. This platform is probably one of the most vital historical resources now as it keeps the artifacts of the worldwide web.

Are online museums essential for education?

online museums for education

To understand the importance of web-based museums for the education process, let’s consider the relationship between museums and pedagogic. Similar to other cultural institutions, museums affect future generations through exhibitions. They can pass knowledge and teach students by providing educational programs. Interactive online platforms also help children enjoy learning, so they start developing valuable study habits.

Educators believe that museums can inspire students to deepen their understanding of how the world works. They can evoke the youths’ interest in various disciplines and engage them in discovering new things. They also give knowledge to students of all grade levels and abilities since they provide various resources for individuals of all ages. No matter what type of institution one attends, they can always get insights from visiting a museum. This is a great way to broaden the outlook beyond the narrow focus on academic work and fulfill more learning needs. Many teachers say that museums help to develop various skills that might be useful for the world outside of the classroom. All this makes virtual museums vital for modern education.

Final thoughts

online museums for education
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Not only schools and colleges are adapting to the new reality, but also galleries, libraries, and museums. Online museums provide unlimited opportunities for learning in the post-pandemic world. Students can get acquainted with historical objects regardless of their location. Whether one wants to see the Prado Museum in Madrid or the National Women’s History Museum in Virginia, they can check some exhibitions on the Internet.

There are also no time limits for visiting a web-based museum, so one can learn something new anytime from the comfort of their own home. Moreover, artifacts get more accessible through online platforms because one can see them without paying fees at one of the free online museums. Since education is quite expensive nowadays, many students appreciate the opportunity to save extra money this way. Summing up, web-based museums can be the key to effective education in our highly-digitalized world.

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